The top safety devices

By Admin | Security Systems
11 April 2016

glass vibration sensor S086C company Techko

used to protect your home from unauthorized access.Properties: vibration sensor pinpoint attempt to open or break and travels ordinary glass windows;high output 90dB deters potential burglars;self-adhesive on the glass unit does not require any tools for installation;the kit includes a label warning about the installed alarm system and battery to operate the device.

vibration sensor

This compact and yet very powerful device emits a high-pitched signal to 120dB, which deters potential burglars.This alarm device dual purpose: it works as a security alarm and warning means.Hang it on any door handle (with the exception - metal doors) and the device will beep every time someone would touch the door handle.Alarm works even if the gloves will come.Buy the unit on the site of an American company ALARM-ONE Inc.

Radio clock security

These watches Timex companies are not only able to report that hour.They can even, and to ensure the safety of your home - at the touch of a b

utton you can activate / deactivate the alarm system.In addition to this feature of modern, stylish watches have illuminated INDIGLOTM to night and they can be used without problems.Watch waterproof indicate days of the week and have a stopwatch for stopping the clock with alarms.

radio clock security

Bidirectional talking remote control

small device streamlined shape allows to control the alarm system of your home just by pressing one button.No need to remember any codes.The device operates as a bi-directional remote control speaker who speaks in plain English, offering a whole new level of personal protection - reports on the state of security even before you enter the house.

Wireless Keypad talking console

Portable gauge with button "Alarm" This console combines advanced wireless technology, elegant design and unparalleled efficiency.Functions include voice, integrated collection center posts to your entire family, backlit LCD screen, a clock, and full control over the security system of your home.Due to the portability of the device can be attached anywhere - on the wall, desk, bed - anywhere you want.

portable sensor with button "AlarmĀ»

Provides access to emergency services (medical, police, fire, etc.) 24 hours a day.It works both at home and in the yard.The compact dimensions of the device allow to carry it in your purse, in the neck or on a belt.With this sensor you will always be safe.

portable wireless touchpad

provides mobile monitoring of the security system of your house is the "Alarm", which activates the alarm even if the system was turned off.