Electronic systems for home

By Admin | Security Systems
11 April 2016

now increasingly discussed topic of the equipment of private houses and flats electronic systems.Owners of private houses, mostly houses, I want first of all to know about the benefits of these systems, as well as which of them are really necessary for a safe and comfortable life.

This is not about cutting-edge control systems of the entire house, and a minimum set that can be called standard.

fire and burglar alarm

Fire and burglar alarm first and most necessary - is to ensure the security of the house.It is meant not only security, but also fire alarm.

Security alarm involves at least the required minimum security sensors in the house and the area to allow the owner to feel safe leaving the house, even for a short time.Similarly, the fire alarm system involves the installation of flue fire sensors in different parts of the house.

Regarding the communication system, it may seem that a fixed landline phone in a country house - is a luxury, especially if each family member has their mobile phone.The simplest solution

- to use the services of one of the major telecom operators to install stationary cell phone that will still need to connect the alarm system.

PBX system does not seem necessary in a private home.Today, however, more and more often repeated situation where people who choose not to install it at the beginning, later forced to return to this issue in order to ensure quality.


Intercom not necessary to install a separate door phone or video phone on the street.Door Camera is very sensitive to low temperatures, and if the device is installed at the entrance gate, it will not last long.It is much more practical to connect the intercom to PBX, and talk with the man of the house or on the radio from any place of the site.Otherwise you will have to run every time to a single tube interphone at the entrance.

Ability to take essential television program is a component of modern quality of life.However, good reception quality can be expected only in the house with a set of 3-4 antennas.

antenna must be mounted on a mast and configured to receive its signal range.Otherwise, the amplifier will not help any, even the most modern.But even in this case, the television signal to be processed - the power align channels - and using the amplifier to distribute all TV outlets in the building.

To receive satellite TV programs are usually installed plate "NTV +".

Observation plot

They solved with the help of special street cameras.These cameras, unlike videodomofonov insensitive to low temperatures and give a much better image quality.Four cameras is sufficient for the review of the territory and approaches to the house, and monitor for monitoring can be set in a convenient location for the home - for example, in the hallway.You can also enter the picture with the camera in television, and see the land plot on a TV.

How much can cost a standard electronic system for country cottage?To what was said above, it is only 10 thousand dollars.Of course, when it comes to the minimum necessary and not to a house crammed with all sorts of expensive electronics innovations.