What should be the safe house

By Admin | Security Systems
09 April 2016
The above means
increase safety at home and complicate the task of attackers, determined to penetrate it.But the fact that these additional funds, and therefore a quiet life in a private house does not begin with them, not everyone knows, including among the owners of houses located "away from the hustle of the city."

Indeed, the sensors detect movement and hidden video cameras will allow you to notice the intruder and keep intact the values ​​in the safe.But by "safe project and a plot, and the possible ways of blocking the invasion of criminals on your territory, you can greatly reduce the threat of invasion itself.And if you object, "inconvenient" for the robbers remain potential entry points, they can be protected by mechanical or electronic means, spending a relatively small amount.While the object, easy to break, for reliable protection require much more money.

From a security perspective is the best form of home - a square or rectangular, which provides a good view of the building from the st
reet or the surrounding areas.Such housing is inconvenient to crack: the probability is high that criminals discover neighbors.Accordingly, the house in the form of "L" or "T" more attractive to thieves.Various architectural elements adjacent to the wall of the house, as well as potential shelters for the attacker.

on home security is also affected by the size of the premises and the area of ​​the house.The big house with lots of small rooms more easily escape the thief.Also, if you intend to equip the house electronic security system, keep in mind that a few large areas controlled by means of its easier and cheaper.

When you need to design a burglar alarm?Theoretically, this should be done at the design stage also house and its utilities, and implement - gradually, depending on what stage the construction.But in practice, experts often have to install the system in an already finished building.As a result, in addition to additional costs are possible deviations from regulatory requirements that often leads to a decrease in efficiency of the system for the sake of aesthetic considerations.

optimize the level of safety of the facility and the cost will only allow the timely design of alarm system.For example, cables perimeter security systems it is advisable to carry out the land before planting grass and devices, and the internal alarm loops - just before the plastering work.Also, you will not have to replant the trees, if the site plan proposed by a landscape designer, first you show specialist from the security firm.

House, located in the forest, and at a considerable distance from other houses, is more susceptible to the threat of hacking than located in the place in an open area.Under this rule does not fall cottage villages.Heavily wooded areas in them has no impact on safety, since such areas are usually well protected on the perimeter.

Choosing a site to find out if there was any nearby theft, and if so, then ask, caught an intruder.Talk about it with the potential neighbors, local district, a real estate agent.Discover also burn any local residents grass, under what conditions other homes are insured, whether the area in the scope of security firms and how quickly comes the task force in the event of an alarm.By the way, that there were no problems with access of fire engines, car security firm and ambulance, the road should be paved.

It is important to place the house on the site, in particular - the window with respect to the gate and outer gate of the fence.Entrance to the yard should be viewed from the rooms where the owners spend most of their time.

excellent hiding places for intruders - trees with thick, high crown, growing near the house.In addition, they can climb to the balcony or roof.Weakly protected windows are often located in the attic.Balcony - also a good base for penetration, especially if the door fragile.Strong winds can break the tree and bring down his house, damaging the elements of construction.So better to plant the trees no closer than 5 m from the house.

Slightly away from home as it is not necessary to plant dense bush: for it is easy to hide.If you plan to install electronic system of protection of the site, you need to plan greenery agree with a specialist security firm.

Thefts are possible not only in the already-built house, but during construction.Choosing stroybrigadu, ask the foreman, what tools it has, and what to buy.A team without tools is not credible and it is better to give up its services.

During construction often steal windows, radiators, pumps, garage doors and drives, just planted plants.If the construction is necessary to take a break, for example, in the winter, you need to disassemble and to hide important elements of the engineering equipment to make it useless to a thief.But it does not always help prevent theft.If the box at home is complete, you can set the alarm and to hire guards.It is desirable to break even in the building to close the window openings with boards or film.

Deaf stone wall - a popular solution for perimeter defense, allowing owners to hide privacy from prying eyes.But in fact, such a fence - not the best choice.Latticed fence will enable neighbors to visually monitor your site, and the owners will be available for observation and the outside of the area behind the fence.Of course, the "transparency" of the fence should do if good relations with its neighbors.If, however, the owners decided to build a deaf fence, the land is desirable to equip the sensors detect intruders.

offender looking for places that are convenient for penetration.The house has at best two point light penetration - from the terrace door and directly input.But these places can be 8-10.These include, for example, garage doors and windows of the first floor.Thieves are also attracted to glass doors and large windows.And the attackers often do not break them, and hack.To counteract this, the house is set a special "tamper-proof" windows.Normal windows open quite easily by simply clicking on the frame.And some kinds of special windows will not open, even with a crowbar.However, they can be broken.A few years ago, in order to minimize the threat of such damage on the window applied special protective film.A month after the application they become one with the glass.

window after pasting some kinds of films kept a hammer blow, remaining intact, and in the case of a close explosion of glass and at least crack, but because the film is held in the frame.The traditional solution to protect the glazed surfaces are shutters.Today, they prefer a more expensive means of protection - lattice (though they spoil the appearance of a private house) and blinds.To crack and they both need a lot of time (10-20 minutes).It is hard to imagine that the thief will be engaged in similar activities, without the risk of being discovered.

doors must be reliable and resistant to cracking - as a crowbar, and special means (master key, crowbar, and so on. D.).Conventional metal door opens outward, it is practically impossible to crack.The owner needs to focus its attention on the selection of reliable locks.Some of the best - Safe lever that thieves hack-laymen can not do.A professional for this will need a lot of time.And if he does not have a specific reason to risk, it is likely he will refuse solutions difficult task of opening the doors of your home.