Security systems for a country house

By Admin | Security Systems
09 April 2016

Consider what modern technical solutions exist for the protection of a country cottage.First of all, we shall understand, from what the dangers to protect.The main threat, as in all times, is the fire, and, first of all, you need to take care of the fire alarm, fire suppression systems and lightning protection systems.Then follow these manmade dangers as gas leakage, bearing the risk of life and threatens the explosion and crash in the water system, entailing flooding homes and property damage.

Many people forget about these dangers, and is considered the main threat of home invasion intruders, whether thieves or simply homeless.Such opinion is wrong, you need to pay attention to all potential threats and to establish a comprehensive security system.


fires triggered by lightning, are not uncommon in central Russia have suffered for this reason hundreds of homes a year.Apart from the risk of fire, lightning and carries the threat of home electronics.The modern cottages of electronic de

vices is more than enough, and they may suffer from impulse overvoltage occurring in electrical circuits by lightning discharges.

Unfortunately, many homeowners are taking the threat lightly and limited installation of home-made pin grounded, which in most cases is not only protects, but also on the contrary, it is a hazard.

modern lightning protection shall consist of external and internal systems.Outside consisting of molniepriёmnika, collector and earthing, designed to intercept lightning and discharge it into the ground.Internal circuit protects against over-voltage and includes a range of devices, surge protection (SPD).

Today Lightning protection offered passive and active systems, the difference between them - in the applicable molniepriёmnikah.In the traditional, proven over the years, the passive system lightning are any metallic elements (rods or grid), assumes the lightning.This lightning conductor has a small radius of action, often have to be installed on the building of several lightning.

Active molniepriёmnik generates high voltage pulses, enabling capture of lightning on a rather large distance.The range of such a device is much more than a passive system, so we can restrict a lightning rod and a current collector.It improves the aesthetics of lightning protection system, which is of great importance for many homeowners.

Active protection has been developed recently, regulations on it has not yet developed fully.In Russia, are sold mainly of French origin, and manufactured in Switzerland, Austria, USA and so on.

protection against gas leaks

gas leakage control system typically includes a sensor that reacts to an increase in the composition of the air concentrationflammable gases - methane or propane - butane mixture.Sensor alarm long submits that, when the gas concentration will be explosive.Another obligatory part of such a system is a solenoid valve that automatically releases and closes the gas supply pipe when the signal from the sensor.

Modern systems are equipped with GSM modules are able to be embedded in a system of "smart home".These systems send sms-messages about a gas leak in the house owner, have a mode of providing for the opening transoms or the inclusion of the hood.Also, there is also a feedback, ie, the home owner may send a signal to the forced overlap of gas pipes.

Flud water

We all imagine what the consequences may be caused by an accident in the water system at home, so it is useful to install the monitoring system of water leakage.

Such systems have in their composition detectors to be installed in the places most likely to occur leaks - in the bathroom, in the bathroom, near the washing machine in the boiler room, kitchen and so on. The sensors instantly capture the presence of moisture and give a signal to the emergency valves overlapwater.In the case of centralized water supply ball valve with electric drive shuts off the water through the pipe.If the water supply to the house of the pump is used, the system automatically disables it.

systems, as part of which a module GSM, send sms-message to the owner house and operational services.


The organization of home security should be considered in the complex are two main components: the protection of the home and the protection of the territory.

most vulnerable parts of the house are, of course, windows and doors, and they should pay attention in the first place and better use modern high-tech methods.For example, as practice shows, bars on the windows did not deter criminals, and also can be dangerous in case of fire, so the windows should be placed sensors that react to breaking glass and opening the valves.Alarm sensors, such as Magnetic, and is equipped with a door.Also, it is useful to video or door phone.

to protect the perimeter of the site can also apply a variety of sensors.There are vibration sensors that react to shock and vibration;beam sensors, a signal is at the intersection of the rays, radio wave, Break wires, infrared sensors, and so on. d.

designing a system to protect against intrusion, should determine where the signals will be received in the event of the offender.Of course, first of all, the signal must be sent to the security post of the cottage settlement, if there is a post, or directly to the police station.You can also arrange to send a signal to neighbors, and, of course, a signal about the invasion should get the landlord.

But while the police arrive or employees of local protection, the criminal may cause damage to property.Therefore, it is advisable to organize a sound and light alarm at the site.That is, simply put, the invasion of the attacker has to operate sirens and lights activated, loud sound and flashing lights can deter criminals.

But if the offense is still committed, how to find the intruders?It will not be a problem if the area video surveillance.Modern technical solutions in this area are very diverse, but selecting the right system, you should not pay attention to maintenance of safety of the equipment and made with the help of her videos.

The best option is a system that transmits video over the Internet and stores records files on a remote server, a signal is transmitted by means of GSM-communication.You can also consider the option of video surveillance system that transmits video on a cell phone owner of the house in the form of MMS-file.

cottagers Finally it is worth recalling that the comprehensive protection of the house requires careful design taking into account the many technical characteristics and parameters of the equipment used.Therefore, it is not necessary to collect system "on the knee" without consulting with experts with experience in this area.