Buy a country house with a discount

By Admin | Villas, Land
19 April 2016

How is the price

By setting the price of real estate developers involved.Good focusing on Residential Real Estate market sales of cottages and gardens, they can reduce the price.Usually "discount programs" are temporary, giving customers the benefits: installments, a temporary reduction in prices, additional services, etc.

There are discounts for facilities that provide a business plan, especially in the beginning of construction.When ready to sell houses, their prices tend not to decline, even if the house is not sold for a long time.But at the same settlement price of similar homes can be different, it all depends on the location of the site.For example, some sites are located near the road, and they are cheaper than in the center of the village.As a rule, the price does not differ by more than 10 - 15%.

Seasonal discounts

Selling real estate in suburban cottage settlements occur mainly in the summer time Residential Real Estate and winter activity decreases.In the period of calm, when sites are not bought, sellers of houses and develop

ers seek to attract customers.It was during these winter months, for a limited period of the homes sold at a discount of 10%.Attract buyers, and all kinds of gifts, such as for the purchase of homes offer car extra square footage, and so on. D.

trying to attract customers by selling objects to stimulate sales, sellers of real estate arrange public events, thus advertise their homes and attract customers.If the company is engaged in advertising the developer, as a gift, you can get a design project for new housing.In the winter, they tend to offer as gifts to travel to ski resorts, snowmobile, ski sets of uniforms.

To summarize, we can say that the scheme - gift with purchase - is very common in the sale of real estate.

If sales "stuckĀ»

Everyone who has ever faced the purchase of real estate, it is surprising when Residential Real Estate homes and villages, the sale of which is stopped, do not establish preferential prices, and do not discount.Why is that?

As realtors respond to our question: "Everything depends on the price segment of the village."The more expensive the house, the less likely that the price drop.If this happens, the real estate market have an opinion on that subject illiquid and it harms the image of the village as a whole.

But at the same time, for a particular customer, the primary market, the discount can be made, a small, 2-5%.If you look at the real estate market of Moscow region, the Elite of the little villages, so they are in great demand, and make allowances for them is not necessary.

the secondary market, it's much easier and sellers of property suitable for sale at their own discretion.The price of the house, which is "frozen", can both raise and lower, but not more than 10-20% of the market.Of course, as in any business, the sale of real estate, too, may be an exception, and the value of the house can be reduced significantly.But as a rule, the exception to the rule.

Each house has its own customer

Firstly, the reason why developers do not reduce prices for objects alone.They believe, Residential Real Estate that everyone, without exception, the house has a buyer, who like this house.One is not able to assess the quality built home, the other an urgent need to buy, it is like the third location of the village, and so on. D. The reasons for buying a lot and sometimes the house that long to sell out at a higher price, the more successful versions.

Second, over time, prices are rising, especially for real estate.And that's why developers are in no hurry and wait until prices rise.Because in recent years property prices have grown without stopping and sell houses at low prices makes no sense.And when house prices are not rising, and inflation is increasing, it is off.

course, there are objects that stubbornly refuse to sell, that's for them to apply a special scheme - a confidential report to the authorized owner of the village of Realtors of a price in the range of 20 - 25% of the original.And if the information is not advertised anywhere discounts, learn about their client can process personal contacts with the agency.All terms and conditions when buying such homes are discussed individually, in private.So if you want to buy a cheaper, more often communicate with realtors.