Benefits are accessible

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19 April 2016


now to find a buyer for the cottages any price, including average, not a good enough project at home, need good access roads to the village, Available privilege comfortable paved road inside, sidewalk, guest parking lot.All of these "privileges" are available now and cottage settlements economy class.
The only downside - is that mid-priced homes are located at a distance from Moscow, 100 km from 30do.

Lot Size

studying the demand for real estate market, developers believe that the size of the plot, the house of an economy class, should not be less than 10 acres (townhouses do not count).Otherwise, during the development of the newly purchased territory may not have a few meters of land on the gazebo or grill.
course, home to the "big" portion of cost is not cheap.But how much more expensive it is, and so much more convenient to live in it.


water supply, gas heating, sewage that's not the full list of public goods, which are now being laid in the project cottage settlement at all levels, a

nd including economy class.Yes, and the buyer does not take the house, heated with electricity.A heating with coal or wood, as well as a toilet in the yard, is not discussed.
Gone are the days when all the conditions are arranged and household gardening association.

prestigious areas

To, land quickly sold out, they began to erect at prestigious tracks.If the land is sold Novorizhskoye n Available privilege The direction or Dmitrovka, and even inexpensive sin refuse to buy a house in a prestigious area in demand among buyers.Prices are low because the areas that are far from water bodies and forests, much more profitable to build villages economy class.
Here and built on prestigious tracks affordable settlements with all infrastructure

Individual project

house projects are nothing new.Among them, you can choose an interesting solution that suits you.And with the development of technology and a vast selection of materials can be varied by choosing a suitable price for the project.Time lodges and cabins over.People are drawn to a lovely, comfortable.Someone passionate about the environment and builds houses out of wood and timber, others prefer foam concrete and brick.
And if you take the whole village - the architectural concept without it is not design.


If gated development built next to the landfill or other inconvenient from the point of view of ecology place, it will not sell.This is known to modern developers and therefore settlements are being built even in boring places, but environmentally friendly.Now it is assumed that in terms of ecology, west of Moscow region ecologically clean area.
Thus, it is there, built settlements economy class.


now buy even a modest portion in the horticultural sector costly.Prices for houses in the cottage start from 200-300 thousand. $ A is not available for most people.And time is not available - so prestigious.House prices are rising every year, but on the ground they grow faster.And if you want to exchange their city apartment house outside the city, then do it until it's too late.Maybe a couple of years to do it will not be possible.