Errors "dacha amnesty"

By Admin | Villas, Land
18 April 2016

In our country, according to estimates of experts, 40-60 million people own their summer cottage.They produce a considerable amount of vegetables, berries, fruits, but the state does not notice.Today, the problems faced by gardeners and horticulturists have long been known to all.Like many other issues, "dacha amnesty" is not the only one.But it is the issue of privatization of land are most concerned about summer residents and gardeners.

dacha amnesty Federation Council intends to develop a number of amendments to the Russian legislation.This is necessary in order to alleviate the plight of truckers.It is proposed to simplify the procedure for the privatization of land within the "dacha amnesty".This was stated by Chairman of the Federation Council Sergei Mironov at a meeting of the Board on Agriculture and agricultural complex.

Sergey Mironov noted that the error dacha amnesty is that it must implement each individual owner of the home and for the money, which is very cumbersome.

Let's start with the fact that

most of the land owners do not live permanently in the country and therefore has no opportunity to engage in numerous design documents.In addition, for the cadastral registration of the case have to pay 20-30 thousand rubles, which is difficult for most gardeners.Therefore, the registration process has been only 18% of the sites.And it says that the creation of high-quality single land cadastre indicating the precise boundaries of all the sites is not possible.

Members of the public of the horticultural farms complained that the government does not support them.In the Soviet Union, the company that created the horticultural sector, has helped to build and maintain infrastructure - water and power supply systems, roads, garbage collection, and now vacationers keep it at their own expense.In addition, tariffs on utilities cottagers inflated threefold compared with the rates for local residents

chairman of the Moscow Union of gardeners Andrey Tumanov outraged that Gardening associations are non-profit organizations, but have to keep accountants leading accounting and reporting to the tax authorities.In addition, still need to pay the tax - UST.

The land tax is determined based on the cadastral value of land and the ratio is set in place.The officials who set this factor does not take into account the contribution of truckers in its fertility.Meanwhile, the land was given to all junk, and all citizens had their own expense to turn dumps and swamps in the flowering gardens.And now, instead of all this into account, and to lower taxes, on the contrary, their number is growing

Council, which is responsible for the agro-industrial and agricultural complex, has decided:

  • create a federal body responsible for the protection and use of land;
  • recommend the government to devise measures to facilitate access of gardeners on the market of agricultural products;
  • invited the Government to develop a federal target program for the development and support of amateur gardening and farms.

Regarding "dacha amnesty" Sergei Mironov promised as soon as possible to develop proposals to improve the legislation.