Tips for Choosing a holiday home

By Admin | Villas, Land
16 April 2016

Enjoying the status of the roof

Everyone who poorly versed in the holiday building, I would like to give some advice.And the first thing you should pay attention - is the roof.

even an experienced person who is well managed with any tool, it is important to know the state of the roof and roofing.The poor condition of the roof ensures the disorder not only on the form of drops and stains on the walls and ceiling, but also in the form of rotten beams and rafters.Initial inspection of the house can be made at any time convenient for you, but the final price of the house need to determine after the rain, which reveal all the flaws and shortcomings of the roof.

inspect the attic, look for wet places.Please pay attention to the walls, and above all to the upper crown, it should be dry.If you find moisture slightly scratched it, and if it flows for a long time, you probably already rotten log and can pierce a finger.And if the upper crown turned into dust, that means, the sick and the lower two or three

logs.At the same time the outside they may look intact, but inside them long ago settled rot.This suggests that the very poor condition of the roof, and it may soon collapse.

If you do not notice and will get a house with rotten logs you have to replace them.And for this it is necessary to uncover the roof, or at least cut a rotten log and replace it with a new one.All this can make the master of his craft, and not alone.

less dangerous case where the roof is leaking in the middle, in this case, the rotting rafters and beams strengthened much easier.And if they rotted ceiling boards can be clad inside with new premises.It certainly can spoil the look of the room, but if repairs are done skillfully the ceiling will look like new.


After attic necessarily check the basement.Note the lower crowns.Land in the basement of the logs should be dry, and if it's wet, it's the first sign that the logs can be rotten.To check the drive in a nail in the beam, but more often rotten logs sink under the weight of the house and is immediately noticeable.

home inspection outside

After an internal examination is necessary to examine the house, stepping outside of it 20-30, and even more meters.From a distance clearly visible right there is the house itself, whether direct roof ridge, it plumbs.As a rule, sagging foundation and rotten logs indicates pubescent corner.

necessary to pay attention to the roofing.I could see the roof of rotten wood chips, which are covered with roofing material.This roof is quite unreliable because roofing on chips become worthless very quickly, and patching useless.Not long hold on the old slate roof, over time it becomes brittle.A roof covered with iron and let not the first freshness will last a long time.Lata it easy, including hole.


Besides a roof over their head and the vertical walls of the house should be warm and cozy.This, as is known, depends on the state of the furnace.First of all, pay attention not platted a bird nest in the chimney.This happens if the owners are in the country only in the summer and do not heat the oven.If the oven does not drown it can take advantage of the birds' nests and twist and bring a generation of chicks.I've seen as of samovarnika Russian stove been removed except for cleaning soot huge amount of feathers, twigs and other accessories bird's nest.

To test the efficiency of the furnace it is necessary to flood.If during the first furnace lie black smudges from the place where the damper, do not panic.Most likely, this is due to the fact that the stove is not used for a long time, overgrown with black, easy to remove the last setter

Do not be surprised if after the first furnace in the house will be wet - this is normal.The fact is that if the furnace is not drowned many years, the room and the brick oven built from which accumulated a lot of moisture and need to delete several times to heat the oven.Well dried furnace melts quickly, and the wood crackling in her fun in the furnace.

can talk a lot about the advantages and disadvantages of buying homes.But it should be noted that the cracked floor - a trifle compared with the thin roof.On the roof and masonry oven will take a lot of your time, because without them you can not live in the house, the rest can be done slowly, to the best of opportunities.