How to buy property in the country?

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12 April 2016
When the merciless summer sun and heavy smoke, dust, fumes and hot air is forced to flee to the streets in the cool air-conditioned space-saving, reluctant to think about how to find an alternative to or replacement of a city apartment.

However, to buy real estate in the country, where they could enjoy the fresh air, the natural freshness of the forest or the lake, instead of spending their time and energy to the fight against unforeseen difficulties, it is not so simple.Tips Forum participants "Home and cottage" to help avoid fraud and to choose a good and inexpensive land or a country house.

First you need to determine what property is necessary and how much you are willing to allocate.Member Forum Starchi rated family needs this: a family, expecting the birth of a child, had often been to Moscow.Budget - limited, moreover, it was not possible to pay the whole amount at once.In the process of solving the problem he had to solve the difficult questions.

Where to look?

If you are planning to buy
a vacation home for permanent residence, and thus rarely happen in Moscow, the particular problems of the location of the site will not occur.Another thing - if you want to live outside the city, but it is necessary to visit and there.Then select the zone close to the place of work - not further 30 km from Moscow, estimated congestion.

site selection should pay attention to environmental factors and the ecological condition of the territory: soil characteristics (eg, peat - insecure, often caused fires), the neighborhood of industrial enterprises, large buildings, airports, trains, etc.- Anything that can cause discomfort.Rate the area, its relief, the accessibility of the map, and then - with the personal inspection.

spring villa estate wider choice, but in the fall or winter, you can see all the flaws of the house.

What to choose?

plot size and houses are selected based on budget and personal preference.If finances allow, you can buy more than 15 acres.But do not forget that they will be more difficult to handle and more tax on land pay.

type.For permanent residence choose a house made of bricks or blocks, better - with the well and septic tank.If you buy a house for the weekend, be interested in buildings easier.In this case, the main factor is the presence of forest and pond.

social-entertainment infrastructure (schools, kindergartens, shops, hospitals, etc.), easy access to the area, condition of the roads will be important for those who intend to live permanently in the country.

conducted communication (water, gas, electricity, sewerage) are also important.Be careful, if the developer guarantee their summing up in the near future: very often these promises are not fulfilled.Pay attention to the technical conditions of summing up: the individual will be more expensive than collective.

evaluating all the possibilities, Starchi bought the land without a contract, carried out with the communication, motivating their choice as follows: cheaper to build the most (25-30%), you know what materials will be used, you can make home an individual responsible personal needs.

How to pay?

cost of land depends on the distance from the capital, the size of the area and the presence and type of house and other factors.Member Forum warns that overly expensive land does not guarantee completely "finished" section, which will not be any trouble.He advises not to buy too cheap land - less than 300,000 (as of 2010).

Initially the low cost can later lead to unsustainable costs for road improvement, coordination and carrying out communications.


category and type of permitted use of the site - the most important aspect that should be considered when purchasing a plot of land: the construction of a residential house and a residence permit it is not permitted on all lands.

Suit categories such "land settlements" with the type of permitted use - for private housing or a holiday cottage construction and maintenance services, as well as "agricultural land" - for cottage construction and maintenance of country economy.

To make it possible to build on a site that you want to buy, please contact the district land committee.Here you can learn about the possibility of transfer of land from one destination to another.

documents necessary for the purchase of the site: Russian passport, for foreigners - residence permit.When you pay money to go through their bank to the bank account specified in the contract.

documents that need to be a developer passport, the original certificate of ownership of the land, extract Incorporation valid for at least a month, articles of incorporation.The deal should be abandoned, if you impose a copy of the certificate: it could issue if land is under arrest or when the original certificate is withdrawn, and the land is the subject of litigation.

Depending on the degree of confidence in the seller, you can also request a variety of information: the absence of prohibitions, payment of membership, one-time and shares, confirmation of the absence of boundary disputes, the general plan of development of the territory and other documents to ensure the safe conduct of your transaction.It is also desirable to explore the history of the earth, starting with the documents of the primary allocation.


To avoid falling into a difficult position, choosing land, always came to the place, do not rely on the words of the seller, examine all "live".It is better if it is done and done almost everything.Be meticulous, be interested in all the little things, vote all possible costs.

vigilant, try to get as much information: visit the forums, talk to friends and future neighbors, consult a specialist.

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