Gates to testify

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21 April 2016

all started as usual - Viktor Nekrasov bought a car !!!But he was more of the previous and it was impossible to call on a country site.And then Victor planned to change the gate ...

Almost all visitors to the forum who thought about any issue related to the construction, are, first of all, to the forum to learn from the experience of pioneers, and listen to tips hardened specialists.Victor went well, and after began to act.

the beginning was the idea

First of all, it has removed one of the pillars of the old, drove a car and to determine the size of the new gate.In the wake of the car, the measurements showed 4.4 m. In the presence of Victor had a steel sheet.According to the calculations of Victor, if the whole thing is mounted on the gate he will be great in height, and half will be small.Good neighbor has advised - to cut steel sheet in half in height, and build on top of the twigs, then according to the calculations, the gates of the two sheets missing.

Gates to testify

a rest in the evening, he drew a de

sign and counted all sizes, accessories.In the morning I went to the Metal for the study of the product range and prices.After examination of the goods offered on metllobaze, he decided to buy a square tube with a small price it provides good rigidity.

Purchased profile he cut to size and welded frame.The next day, Victor frame mounted on poles and painted, and even the next day he and his friends came to the cottage there is barbecue, and at the same time, they tightened steel sheet screws.

To rearranged column is not bent on the severity of the gate, Victor joined the two pillars on top of the pipe.At the bottom of the column drilled holes for water drainage.

Gates to testify


  1. Fuel (Propane Machine) about 500 p;
  2. profile (square tube) 1600 p;
  3. Profiled 2 pcs.510 p;
  4. Circle for grinders 1 pc.50 p;
  5. Tutu electrodes 1pc - 1 kg 70 p;
  6. Bank of paint;
  7. Sheds on the market about 150 p;
  8. bars 10 mm x 6 m;
  9. Roofing screws with a rubber band (given neighbor).


shashlik (pork ribs marinated);Beer
about 1800 p;

accommodation of participants Forum Viktor Nekrasov

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