Rural properties in Bulgaria

By Admin | Villas, Land
10 April 2016
Russian buyers of country estates in Bulgaria attract low real estate prices, the country's membership in the EU, historical and cultural attractions, mild climate, suitable for vacation at any time of the year, the low tax rate on the purchase of houses and land, as well as close to each other- about 3 hours trip.

Many holiday homes are located on the beach or in the resort areas.In a large villa has a garage, swimming pool and room for staff.In this elite class property is cheaper than similar - in France or Italy.

Standard Parcel area near the house - from 400 to 1000 sq.m.Typical house includes Basement (basement) and two or three ground floor.Residential area of ​​houses - 120 sq.m.The cost of country houses is largely dependent on the distance to the Black Sea and from 10 thousand. Euro to one million.

Country Houses in Bulgaria - different types.Cheap old but in good condition, buildings, located in villages or small, inland, towns.In the district - good infrastructure: paved roads, sewage,
gas, small shops and restaurants nearby.

Residence premium is often located in private gated community near the sea.The neighbors - people with high social status.

Luxury real estate has been popular among Russians in the pre-crisis years.Currently, demand for cheaper construction, especially rural house worth 10-15 thousand. Euro and more expensive homes - from 25 th. To 40 th. Euros, for example, in areas such as: Stara Zagora, Elhovo, Plovdiv, Veliko Tarnovo,Vidin.

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According to the actual transactions of the Bulgarian real estate agencies on the coast, on average buy a house at a price of 350-700 euros per square meter.meter.Some buyers from Russia prefers real estate class "lux" cost 1000-2500 euros per square meter.Such houses are fully prepared to stay, furnished with exclusive design.

Foreigners can buy a country or other real estate in Bulgaria but without land.To make a deal passport is sufficient.Those who decide to buy a house with a plot, you will need to register a company.The procedure is quite simple, usually it takes one day and costs about 500 euros.

attorneys' fees, notary fees, payment of state fees and other notary fees will be about 3% of the appraised value of the property, an annual tax on real estate - 0.15% of its value, a tax on garbage collection - 0,15-020% per year.

Foreigners who own vacation property in Bulgaria do not have the right to visa-free entry into the country.However, the home address in the country greatly simplifies the procedure of obtaining a visa.In addition, property owners and their family members may obtain a multiple entry visa that allows stay in Bulgaria for three months, then the visa is issued for three years.