Garden Location: advantages and disadvantages

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09 April 2016

However Gameday sure that these factors should be considered before buying the land.

near the forest

According to members of the forum, nearly all the advantages of the nearby forest to the cottage - an intangible nature.First of all, great views from the windows and clean healthy air.Superfluous plants can always be removed, leaving those who give salutary shade in the summer heat.Another advantage - sometimes mushrooms grow directly on the site, and in the forest for them to go far.

However, the proximity of the forest may create some inconvenience.Typically, these sites are more expensive - just because of the beautiful scenery.Some are afraid of the likelihood of forest fires and falling trees during hurricanes.Also, there may be problems with the foundation, especially when located close to the pond.Will annoy damp and dripping with resin of coniferous trees, an abundance of leaves, pine needles and a variety of insects.

have to regularly pick up trash from the area to fight the germinati

ng seedlings and hordes of mosquitoes, regularly review the plant in search of pests and protect them from the vegetable and horticultural crops.There are other uninvited guests, which happen to be the case: badgers, hares, squirrels and other animals, which can also cause significant damage to planting and harvest.

If these difficulties are not afraid of you, you can find a way out.To cut down the trees around the house to protect a house from fire.Between the beds to plant plants that repel insects, such as elder.It is necessary to consider the construction of a high fence and reliable - it will prevent large animals, rodents and other pests to get to your land.The most suitable materials for the fence - metal and concrete slabs.

near the natural pond

Again, the advantages of this area - a wonderful view, a chance to relax with a fishing rod, swim and sunbathe on the beach.The natural reservoir eliminates the need to build in the country an artificial.This location area appreciated by those who do not have running water: Place the pump with a long hose, water for irrigation can be taken directly from the river.Of course, if it is close.Less hassle, and will care for the garden and vegetable garden: the land near the reservoir well humidif.

Disadvantages - the same mosquitoes who love the air with high humidity.Near the natural reservoir can be unpleasant encounters with snakes, reptiles and amphibians.Lonely mink animals harm the plants will not bring, but their bites can be dangerous to humans.However, such animals do not love the neighborhood with people, therefore, likely to find a more suitable place to stay.

Close proximity to natural water bodies are often waterlogged soils and require drainage.For this purpose, open or closed dig trenches 1x2 m, in boggy areas - deeper.In the construction of the well should consider measures which will not allow ground water to get into it.During the construction of other facilities will need to calculate the level of groundwater.You may have to raise the site.According to spring cottage can fill, so do not buy the land in the valley.


Among the advantages of garden plots, located in the open countryside , can be noted as follows: smooth surface of the earth does not require careful planning area, it will be easier to plant vegetables and other crops, the water evenlyabsorbed, but rain did not wash away the upper streams of the nutrient layer of earth.
However cottage, located in an open area and has no natural shelter, is likely to require artificial, which is fraught with additional material costs.

To protect plants from wind, you will need to build a high fence and plant trees and shrubs.In such areas to protect plants from the sun often construct greenhouses and greenhouses coated with a special opaque material.When the heat subsides, the coating should be removed to provide the necessary number of plants of sunlight.

Another complication - Treatment of virgin land.If you have a ground to crop plants do not grow, you will need to prepare the soil: plow, fertilize, abundantly watered and weed control.There may be problems with water supply.

Uchastokn on a hill cause difficulty with the construction and breakdown of the garden and the garden.It will be necessary to align the area or release the land from the stones, to give optimum slope area that will provide drainage of excess water, but do not lead to excessive outflow of her, which is unfavorable for the plants.The land in this area also needs to be protected from the wind, and the soil - erosion.

To do this, create a route on which the plants are planted, and tend to reinforce brick or masonry.

In this area there may be problems with water supply due to the fact that here is more difficult to hold water.In the construction of the well will need to dig a deep hole becausegroundwater usually occur deep.It is also likely difficulty with the construction of the fence: it must be aligned at the height.

Among the advantages:

  • less risk that the house is well looked climb attackers;
  • soil in such areas quickly warms in spring, the plants get enough light during daylight hours, and therefore grow quickly and give the harvest;
  • can be divided into beds and beds at different levels: light-loving - on the upper terrace;
  • this site is suitable for beekeepers and fans of rock gardens.

Disadvantages area, which is in the valley , the same - like located near the pond.This soil moisture and high humidity, which is unfavorable for garden crops.However, there are advantages: it is easier to solve the problem of water supply, the plot has a natural protection from the wind and fertile soil.

By reinforcing slopes and arranging drainage in the valley can be successfully grow many plants.

close to other objects

Well, when cottage is located near the village or directly in it.Surely, you will find partners for construction and good advisers in growing plants.You will be easier to get to their possessions as to settlements paved road vehicles, and resolve the issue of water, gas and power supply.An added bonus - the local shops, where you will find everything you need.You can also buy inexpensive organic fertilizers.

Among the disadvantages: the presence of insects and rodents, which live close to farm animals and grain stores.There may be problems associated with the environment and noise due to the landfill and the proximity to roads, including - railway.

If you got a site that formerly belonged to the farm, the land may contain nitrates or be depleted.It will be necessary to consider the issue of protection from intruders cottages - thieves and animals: a neighbor's poultry and livestock that is grazing.

should think twice before buying a cottage next to the camp site or a sanatorium m. Possible troubles - an institution in connection with the expansion of the territory can qualify for the surrounding areas, showing persistence.The abundance of foreign high season fraught with problems with safety and environmental regulations.However, the same tour you will be able to sell vegetables and fruits.Among other positive aspects: you can spend under the arrangement of water and electricity networks, and hostels to get medical help if you have an urgent need.

Validating advised to exercise caution, if you are offered to buy land in the protected zone of the main gas pipes .Construction is prohibited, so there may be claims from Gazprom.Do not buy a summer residence near power lines : strong electromagnetic fields are harmful to health.According to members of the forum, the problem may be at the poles and in the places of greatest sagging wires.But in these villas have the advantage of the land here is cheaper.

If you decide to save money, vacationers recommended ordered copper roof in dormitories screening walls and provide a good grounding.Also, before buying the land, it is desirable to measure the electromagnetic field strength in different parts of the area: call a specialist of sanitary and epidemiological station, or use a special tool.

If there's cell tower , it is better to dissociate itself from the trees in the 2-3 series, to build a house with thick walls and ground it.Forum users are also advised to put blinds or metal instead of the usual set of glasses with a metallic coating.

possible trouble from the airport located near - noise and toxic pollution (released into the air up to 28 ingredients, as well as the dust falls to the content of heavy metals).This creates an unfavorable ecological and hygienic situation and health problems.

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