Bending of pipes

By Admin | Metal
20 April 2016

If you have a bucket of cement three buckets of sand and two - three trimming pipes with a diameter of 70 - 100 mm (also suitable and pieces of rail), it is possible to construct a bender.To do this, these cement trimming upright 40 - 50 mm apart.Pipes for bending close to slip the cemented ground, which should prevent the elements from the fracture.In addition, a flexible space heating will reduce the roundness and facilitate the work.

To avoid buckling, cracking, buckling, before heating pipe can fill a crystal river sand.It does not contain burnable organic compounds, usually adhering to the walls of the pipe.Since the layman is difficult to distinguish the origin of sand - an experiment.Sprinkle a little sand in a scrap pipe and heat it to a cherry-red color.When it cools down, shake the sand and carefully inspect the walls.

sand itself also need to prepare a little bit.Dry it at 150 - 500 degrees Celsius.Then you have to sift the sand through a sieve or fine mesh with a mesh of 1.5 x 1.5 mm, s

eparated from his small particles that when heating is required to try to burn on to the walls of the pipe.Prior to filling the sand one end of the pipe is necessary to score a wooden plug or paint over clay.Wooden cork in length should be 1.5 - 2 times the pipe diameter, taper them varies from 1.10 to 1.25.

packed tube length of 1.5 - 2 m and be able to handle by one person.Tube insert vertically stopper down.Sand backfill portions.After each portion of the tube and lift the obstukivayte hammer.These operations continue as long as the tube does not go away empty, it will tell you the muffled sound of hammering.To the upper edge of the pipe must not reach the sand around the pipe diameter.Now hammer stopper.Be sure to leave holes in it for the passage of gases formed during the heating process.The wooden stopper Drill can be a major hole that narrows when driving.It is also possible to make holes in the tube, the other end has a closing pipe.Do not forget, the more tube protrudes from the pipe, then the easier it is to remove.

with a pipe length is more than 2 meters for one person will not cope.In the specialized enterprises for these purposes are set shakers - such rigs in 10 -15 m. Home handyman will have to use existing high-rise buildings.For example, in the garden filling sand into the tube, you can make the ladder from the roof of the barn, from the window of the attic, and others. In this case, one person will fall asleep on top portions of the sand.Then you need to have two people to lift the pipe and a person should stand down obstuchal pipe with a hammer.Blockage of the upper end is made approximately the same as in the short tube.

To make the layout of the pipe to bend, you must chalk put the ring in place across most of the pipe bend.The length of the heated area will depend on the degree of bending.The radius of it should be about at least three - four pipe diameters.So, at 90-degree bending portion is heated, six pipe diameters;at 60 degrees - four diameters;at 45-degree - three diameters, etc.Fixing the pipe is better to have a place close to the grip heating.

When heating the surface of the tube will fly off the scale.This is due to the complete warming sand.Avoid burnout, when the pipe will form a spark.Bend the pipe should try one warm as reheating will degrade the structure of the metal.

to warm sand in the pipes, you can use a set of industrial gas burners.Furthermore, these gas burners can also be used for soldering, and impregnating ski ointment, and for many others.The main thing is that the heating device is easy to bring directly to the device, which will be carried out, for example, pipe bending.

Note that itself has a hot pipe bending must necessarily have a template.Without it will be difficult to get the necessary configuration of the bend.Hold the ends of the pipe gloves and carries a bend, at the same time avoiding the side to be slaughtered in a pipe plug.After completion of the hot bend pipe pull the plug (knock out, burn out, pull) and a good shake out the sand.