Mistola Hills - rural idyll for active people

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09 April 2016

MistolaHills in Vsevolozhsk area for those who want not just a nice apartment, and the apartment is better than the others.

low-rise neighborhood Mistola Hills built in Vsevolozhsk district of the Leningrad region and shall be later this year.The company "Northern Town", which implements the project, working on the market for more than 20 years, on account of its more than 58 houses built in different districts of the city.MistolaHills- first country project in which construction company put all its experience, knowledge and ideas about the ideal city apartment close to nature.Bright brick and solid houses in the Scandinavian style designed for 6-12 families and are, unlike townhouses, not a "butt" to each other and to meet personal space.Around the pine, jasmine, mushrooms and cranberries with blueberries.To how to grow berries it requires at least one hundred years old, which means that in this area the ideal environmental conditions.Even the names of the streets and those berries: Lingonberry Hil

l, Raspberry Lane, Blueberry street ... Just imagine the house and delicious tea cakes.

silence in Mistola Hills get used immediately.Noise is not - neither you railroad or industries, no traffic jams, even on the busiest of the northern outskirts of the city Pargolovo and Lahti.Departure on the road in five minutes to "Pulkovo" the road will take only 40 minutes!Agree to the metropolis is not too bad.Kids Mistola Hills in early childhood will be a lot of walking in the fresh air and to come to kindergarten, they do not have to get up an hour and a half earlier.In MistolaHillsplaniruetsya two kindergartens: private (open in 2015) and the Municipal 100 kids.The school is also close by, just five kilometers from Mistolovo in the village Kuzmolovo children to be transported to a special school bus.The cozy dining room, a new school stadium, and most importantly - experienced teachers whose students on three subjects became winners of regional competitions.

Landscaping is also impressive - judge, first in St. Petersburg, site work-out, gaining popularity with young people around the world will precisely Mistola Hills.Local teens will appreciate the outdoor fitness equipment, bars, horizontal wall and shvedskik area with table tennis.The youngest inhabitants Mistola Hills are big sandbox, slides and swings, and for older children playgrounds will be installed.Adults can play a game of mini-golf and squash.Of course, mini market, a pharmacy, a family doctor's office will also be within walking distance.To live always in the open air and close to the city, and in his home, and not in the country.In the summer gazebo with a grill and mushrooms and berries in the winter - skiing ... Is not the idyll? ..

cost of such apartments is quite reasonable.One-bedroom apartment will cost 3.1 million. Rubles.Agree, it is very attractive to the finished project of this level.A nice bonus is for you and a free trip to the object to select an apartment.Every driver we give a coupon for 10 liters of gasoline AI95 at the site visit.


phone sales department "Northern Town": 327 7979

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