Carport for your car

By Admin | Metal
19 April 2016

Prepared design elements for the semi-open garage canopy, made independently, allow the presence of the finished basement area and perform construction and installation works by two - three in one - two days.

Under the canopy car safely sheltered from rain, snow and hail, and at the same time effectively blown air.This means that the machine is in such a garage, dries quickly, thereby reducing the likelihood of corrosion of its parts.

with two or three assistants canopy roof can be built in a single day if all the preparatory work, including site leveling and casting columnar foundations.In addition to these works must also build an access road and parking lot of the car itself, as well as to protect the walkway.

This canopy is not only a "shelter" for the car, but an extension to the house, defining together with the other elements of its appearance.

canopy for cars

outer rows of racks in the form of a canopy pergola enclose the entire "complex", the average number of racks separates the parking lot and adjacen

t path leading behind the house.

This park looks more elegant, also near a parked car is space, for example, for the passage of the bicycle.

Connections between the posts, rafters, struts can be done not only through the perforated metal fastening parts, attached with nails or screws, and notching to gain seats and bolting screws.

Before assembling wooden parts should be treated with a protective agent, for example, based on natural resins.After assembly they will only have to paint or cover the frosting.

aforementioned series (consisting of rafter runs and columns) to build a better turn.In this case, the limiting number of construction pergolnom give five racks in a row and facing the house, on a plot of the same length - only three racks.

middle row also consists of three pillars, but its length is half the length of the garage.Such a scheme of arrangement makes it resistant construction looks more attractive, deprives him of a certain monotony.Then, three rows of pillars connected rafters, creating a powerful framework and the possibility of a gradual, section by section, roofing slabs of translucent cellular polycarbonate.

to building front looks more beautiful as the front connecting cross glued using wedge-shaped board, which is mounted so that it is its lower edge is horizontal, and top - aligned with the slope of the roof.His narrow end of the frame member is based on the run, as the rafter, and the wide end is attached to the front side of the rack by means of connecting pads.

Then attach struts, not only performs the function of stiffening elements, but also decorative.Recessed head nuts and bolts are covered with wooden linings.

garage roof Croutes cellular plastic plates that are joined together by means of sealing profiles, bolted to the rafters so that the joints between the boards falls in the middle rafters.The front plate of the roof adjacent to the facade connecting cross member and rear - are aligned flush with the frame.Their edges are covered with special angled profiles.

at the bottom and at the ridge of the roof pent roof overhangs should be that rainwater flowed into the gutter and through it to the ground.


  1. When driveway prepared a set of prefabricated semi-open garage is delivered directly to the house.
  2. Before installing finished parts canopy - racks, runs and rafters should be numbered and put on the court.Mount subassembly can be ready.
  3. collected frame put on anchor supports so that the rack fell on their center.Before you attach the rack to a support frame to temporarily fix.
  4. design becomes stable only after connecting a cross-pillar element.When attaching the connecting element rests on a cross section of the bar, pressed against the front clamp.
  5. calibrated position of the posts and their metal supports can be fastened to the foundation.
  6. set the carrier frame to the studs and joists attach struts.
  7. recessed head bolts and nuts harbored wooden plugs.
  8. Translucent honeycomb plate put in such a way that the joints between them occurred in the middle of the rafters.Plates are connecting with each other via the sealing profiles, which are fixed to the rafters.
  9. front and rear roof slabs combine flush with the frame, and lodge them with special angled profiles.
  10. on the side of the roof slab of the roof extends slightly beyond the edge of the frame on which is mounted a gutter.

Despite the relatively large size (especially height), the construction looks great and fits well into the seal construction site.