Wrought iron - fences, gates,

By Admin | Metal
18 April 2016

Currently, forged fences and gates are not very popular, because they are transparent and show what is now customary to hide - the house and its furniture, so now the preference is given to a stone fence.But many still prefer the beautiful metal fences, simple or ornamented.


usually used in the production of iron castings fences.Casting cheaper forged products, but items such as spikes, flanges and other complementary product and give a rich classy look.

basic material for the manufacture of fences is full-bodied square 20x20 mm.Used for decorative filling strip 20h12 mm (20h10mm).It fits well with the main square and creates a good amount.But there also are different squares, rods and bars, the section of which must not be less than 14 mm.

To produce leaves and flowers used material thickness of 3 mm or more.If the material is thinner, when you touch the product will be jarring.The distance between the bars of the fences varies from 140 to 160 mm.You can save a little, using for the production of

fences shaped tubes of various sections.They are quite tough, and the sections welded ones, more easily obtained.Outwardly, it looks quite decent.But, of course, everything depends on the willingness of the customer.

As already noted, a richer view of the fence will give a peak.They are forged, cast and teams.Because of the technology, forged peaks look very simple.

Cast peaks are iron and steel.Cast iron alloy peaks rich variety of forms, but they are hard to attach to the steel fence.The most interesting - it is cast steel pikes as various forms of steel combined with any peak volumes.When necessary original part may produce prefabricated peaks, but if you want large quantity, it will be more expensive cast peak.

able to decorate any fence forged gate and gate.When production of gates and gate wired metal sheet with double-sided forged pattern product gets enough heavy.With such wickets sometimes get into trouble.The fact that the fences and gates are produced in different plants, and the link between them are poles.So, if the poles are not designed for the gravity produced a goal, they just might fall.Most bought

combined gate - made of wood and metal.They look great, and the presence of a variety of decorative elements makes them more original.