Roller garage doors

By Admin | Metal
18 April 2016

Garage doors can be automated.These gates are very comfortable and durable to use.Sectional doors that are often found in garages, consists of several parts.This sandwich panels, bonded with each other.Together they represent a canvas that moves along the metal frame.We can say that this is one of the best solutions in many situations, but there are times when their use is impossible.Then come to the aid of another solution.For example, garage doors, which are called the roll.They are installed in the garage opening and are shutters.This type of goal sometimes becomes the only possible when swinging or sectional doors do not fit.

happens that the garage door opening height is equal to or greater than the depth of the room, while setting a sectional door is not possible.Typically, a sandwich panels are a height of 60 or 50 cm. Climbing, cloth instead of folding into a roll is set at an angle of 90 degrees, and then moves on rails located under the ceiling, positioned parallel to the floor.In this cas

e, the best fit aluminum or steel shutters.

main feature of rolling shutter can be considered their ability to be wound onto the shaft, located in the box.It just makes them different from the technology works sectional doors.By the way, rolling shutters - is the same as that of aluminum (steel) shutters.

With regard to the manufacture of rolling shutters, it is usually their base is rather large profile height is 77 mm slats.The material for the manufacture of such profile is aluminum tape, which is placed in a foam filler.It is believed that this type of profile is insulated.But, in fact, its heat-saving characteristics worse than the sandwich panels forming the basis of the sectional door.

In some cases, roll-up doors are made of aluminum profile, which is due to the fact that tselnotyanuty, has increased strength.By adjustment of this kind of profile slats are 42 - 45 mm or 55.Increase the strength of this profile gives a fairly large wall thickness, as well as special reinforcing partition.The gates of this profile are increased popularity among customers as irresistible for hackers.But there are also disadvantages.For example, the profile has no filler, so called "cold".Therefore, when a space needs to maintain a certain temperature, it is better to take advantage of gates consisting of profiles with a foam filler.

addition to the above listed, there is another type of profile.This roll-up door, consisting of a steel profile.By its strength, it is more reliable than the profile of aluminum with foam filled and almost identical extruded profile, has increased strength.