Construction of the fence at the cottage

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17 April 2016

corner plot in Eugene, land loam, but as the plot of this awkward (basic and found the side of the road), and the slope is in the corner, it was necessary to separate from the waste water, dust and noise.

old fence

draining canals in the partnership are very bad, and at the junction of two roads on the water nowhere to go.So he and his wife decided to establish normal fence.

Search company

He began to search for the components of the fence.I liked it a firm that implemented the poles b / y from the former rigs wall thickness in these columns 5.5mm, as well as the profile of 25x40 and profiled its own production.

he chose this company because they have a very informative site and can order all the stuff on the phone and delivery to the construction site.In this way he took.The material was delivered to him at the time.

Builders found by chance drove by.We talk, discuss the price.Builders requested 45 thousand rubles per 50 linear metersfence, she gave him, and they agreed.

construction fence

Eugene planned to put a fence on the Ribbon melkozaglublenny foundation.On both sides of the foundation he planned to pour sand and gravel.Under the pillars that will support the fence, he dug a pit to a depth of 1.3 m, to a depth of freezing.

Builders in advance, was bought SBR-mixer 132 and a vibrator for concrete TCC.

hired for the construction of the fence guys come from western Ukraine, and for them to live, he had to equip the second floor of an unfinished house.There have been a light, put inflatable mattresses.Outdoor summer kitchen built.The children behaved culturally and worked 12-13 hours a day.

Before installing workers removed the old fence.Eugene thought it would be difficult and long, but it was done quickly and smoothly.Concrete

kneaded in a ratio of 1: 3: 3.Mixer coped fine.Gravel and sand sifted.Poles poured into ruberoidnyj sleeve.After the solution has stood began to interconnect pillars by welding it to the profile by means of welding inverter Gusmi-165 bought Eugene.The inverter has worked well, and the reviews were very good.

After welding crossbars made formwork for the foundation, set it fitting 12 mm in 4 thread and filled with concrete.

entrance to the plot

Eugene decided to make two entries on his land.One entry from the street, and you plan to use for the arrival of heavy trucks, the gate width of 4 to 5 meters.From the front of the second entry for cars, gate width of 4.0 m. And 1.0 m gate. By the entrance for trucks was cast foundation 400x400 with fittings 14 mm and for cars was cast foundation of 300x300 mm with 14 mm valves.

To fence was not continuous, Eugene bought in the market 140h21 planed board.Every three meters of corrugated board, he inserted a decorative board height of 2 meters.At first, he fastened them to the screws for vertical compliance and sizes, but then he took them off, treated with antiseptic Boriteksom based wax the color of pine trees and set in place by screwing them in upholstery bolts through dividing bushing to the profile.

new fence

When completed, it turned out the gate open by the wind, had set closer to the gate.To do this, Eugene had to learn the profession of welder and weld the two parts.It was his first experience in a small welding.And plans for welded structures in the country very much.

Cost fence

Before Eugene interested in building construction cost of the fence.In a company it announced 3,000 rubles per meter.I called it in June and has already taken orders for August.He was not happy with maturity.

Therefore, he decided to make it their own.As a result of the fence Eugene has managed 2,400 rubles per meter, together with the materials and construction.

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