A fence made of profiled sheet with their hands

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17 April 2016

Before the construction DimaGrek was faced with a choice - trapezoidal sheet or board?

In the beginning, he began to choose in stores fences made of wood with rounded top edges.Samples of prefabricated sections standing in the store was not pleased.They looked, to put it mildly, not very.Roads in the CHT also not asphalt, a lot of dust and bird crap and wooden fences at a distance of three meters already look unimportant.To fence stood a long time it should be covered with antiseptic, and it is exactly planed board rests, in addition to the "hangnail" quickly clogged dust.But despite it decided to count the cost of the board planed chamfered (rounded upper edge) - calculations showed that it would be nice but expensive.Among the advantages DimaGrek said, that natural material pleasing to the eye (if planed timber with rounded edge).Cons: it is necessary to take care of the tree and it is to spend money.

And now the time has come to look trapezoidal sheet.If you look at the fence from the front it

looks fine, and the view from the back side he did not like.After a long search, he found a form of profiled sheet which he came - a step "irregularities" almost coincided with the step panels on his house siding.Color trapezoidal sheet combined with the color of the roof.

the inner side of the fence, but he still did not like.And then he decided to turn the two sides of the fence prozhiliny neighbors, and part of the fence from the street to make bilateral and prozhiliny will not be seen.After calculations, it became clear that more needed to buy about 20 sheets and wind bar at the front of the sandwich (about 14,000 rubles.).On the plus side, he said, the practicality of profiled sheet, it is cheaper planed planks, more durable, it is difficult to climb over a fence.Cons: visually reduces the space portion

So DimaGrek decided - to build a fence made of profiled sheet

In the second stage he had to choose the material for post-prozhiliny.Of the several options DimaGrek chose prozhiliny poles and galvanized profile.Thickness 1.5mm pillars;and the thickness prozhiliny - 1 mm.Using this material DimaGrek based on the cost of the material + work = Cost (in his case turned out cheaper).There prozhiliny riveting steel rivets to the post.Made frame.To frame fixed steel sheet aluminum rivets.Wind strips also attached studs.Advantages: if you hire people to install poles and installation of the perimeter of the sheet from the front, then nothing else can be done very slowly (together).In practice, the Uzbeks he hired to do 90 meters of the fence (the first bilateral 30m).

to the fence was made beautifully and accurately DimaGrek took a vacation, and the first week and a half was in the country, taught Uzbeks rivet steel sheet because of this technology, they had not worked.In addition, it was necessary to control them, to wells drilled on 1.5m rather than 0.5m

construction fence


along the section is DimaGrek meter deep drainage ditch.If it does not do, it would have to withdraw from it at least 0.5 m into the area.In order not to reduce the area of ​​land DimaGrek decided to lay in a ditch asbestos cement pipes with a diameter of 400mm.On the floor of the circumference of the top and sides, he drilled a hole and wrapped in geotextile tube and filled the land.These actions have allowed to put a fence 1 meter closer to the road, that is expanded portion.


Before installing poles for the fence workers drilled hole diameter 0,25sm to a depth of 1.5 meters, covered 20 cm. Concrete.After its solidification put pipe and filled it with concrete at 1 m., And the remaining 30 cm. Schebёnkoy asleep.During all transactions with post workers examined the vertical level.The length of the column - 3 m. Profiled sheet - 2 m. Prozhiliny - 2.5 m. After concrete pillars above the ground remains 1.7 m.

between the bottom of the sheet and the ground he left 5cm.To this end, the lower prozhiliny mounted at a distance of 35cm from the ground, the top slot with a prozhiliny post.From the top of the sheet to the top of the upper prozhiliny 30cm.From the bottom of the sheet to the bottom of the lower prozhiliny also 30cm.

So concreted pillars began to mount prozhiliny.They are attached to the poles with steel studs

fence is nice, but without a gate is necessary.DimaGrek planned gate pillars and gates made of brick.The column is concreted round tube 57 mm, which after obkladyvaetsya brick.Before lining brick, you need to be welded to the vertical circular tube 57mm another profiled 50h25 mm pipe at prozhiliny.Rectangular pipe just comes to deepening prozhiliny.He prozhiliny riveted to steel studs shaped tube and overlaid with brick chimney.

Fastening sheets

At this point, it's simple - working steel sheet fastened rivets and monitor the level.It is important to stock up on drills.DimaGrek used about 20pcs.And if blunt drill to drill quickly get tired and it can strike in a sheet.In addition, when it is necessary to compress the bow stave klepochnik hand to he did not strike the sheet and do not scratch it.After mounting the sheets workers installed wind braces on the top edge of the fence, and he's ready.

scheme with dimensions on it is clear that both mounted and concreted both poles.The bottom of the well under the post "with a dash" - concrete, "with the dots" - rubble.

time and cost

  • It took 2.5 weeks.They worked almost seven days a week - 30,000 rubles;
  • wickets at the rear side - 1500 rubles;
  • cleaned soil, leveling ground (sometimes it was below 15 cm), cleaning debris from the old building of the fence - 5000 rubles;
  • before installing a fence filled grillage under Gates.Concreted pipes for brick pillars.Since the pipes must also prozhiliny sum, they must be set in concrete before proceeding with the installation sheets.We did 3-4 for 4 days.This work cost - 8000 rubles;
  • Posts, Gates made Ukrainians (who built the house).For work paid - 15,000 rubles;

Total - the value of all work on the ditch, fence, gate, raft foundations, etc.the material was about 230 thousand rubles.By the time of 1 month.He bought materials and drove himself.

When built and delivered: a fence, gates, - he noted another benefit of continuous fence - for him calmly, have a sense of security.Since one side of the area without a fence to the neighbors is not much space is shrinking.Although close to the four sides of the 10 acres of land in such a fence, still not worth it.

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