A fence made of mesh panels

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16 April 2016
Igor decided to put a fence because:
Firstly, he liked his wife.And secondly, the whole fence is closed parthenocissus.

Erection of fence

He started with the production of poles for the fence.The store three-meter poles were worth 695 rubles, he decided that it is expensive and abandoned them, bought shaped pipes 50x50, sawed its 2.5 meters, welded to them hats and heels.Get the post cost 340 rubles.

Then use the drill nasverlil every 2.5 meters hole depth of 80 cm. They put in columns and concreted.

The store sold attachment to the posts, but it is very flimsy, unreliable soft metal that it is easy to break.I had to make Igor mounts grid of metal strips staples and weld them to the posts.

itself is made of welded mesh galvanized wire (3,8mm) as the panel size 1775h2500 of 855 rubles apiece.Sometimes the grid is non-standard sizes.Igor bought several panels of non-standard sizes, as well as the poles have already been delivered, the panel had to be welded to each other

Cost fence

Igor counted about their spending on construction of the fence.As a result, the cost of one meter fence turned 496 rubles.This price includes: poles, mesh and concrete.

Igor plot on one side enclosed Decking, and on the other net.The border between the grid and the floorings he decided to make between the gate and the gate

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