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16 April 2016
suburban areas in Eugene was already dug a pit for the future of the house, when he decided that it is necessary to put a new fence on the street side (of the road).The old fence was old and had no one hid nothing and was purely symbolic.

Deciding to build it, he began to collect information without delay.In one place, where he decided to go, he promised to make the fence "turnkey" for 1200 rubles / m, together with the materials.He asked if they have a portfolio of what he was given a positive response.After seeing the work done by the company, he realized that it makes the most common fence.He promised to make 22 meters per week.After making calculations, he figured out what to order gated and the gate they will cost 72 thousand rubles.

Erection of fence

After weighing all the pros and cons, Eugene decided to make the fence itself.For this purpose, at first, he moved deep into the old portion per meter.

The construction of the houses were in full swing, it was planned that the site
will operate heavy construction equipment, so the width of the gate was immediately picked - 5 meters.As the material for the fence, he chose trapezoidal sheet dark red.

While he brought Eugene did not lose time in vain, and came in the evening after work and drilled holes homemade brown.The distance between the left 2 meters.For fence posts used square tube 60x60, for gates and wickets 80x80.Pillars of concrete to a depth of 0.8-1 meters.

for welding works he acquired BluVeld inverter 164, a mask chameleon and cable 3x1.5 from which made the extension.In addition, he purchased metal for "crossbar" (horizontal design of the fence) poles that connect with each other.According to his calculations, for good rigidity structure poles must be interconnected with 3 "cross bars".

to design the gate he used 40h40h1,5 shaped pipes, as well as the gateway to excite him the most, he is just in case the top of the gate, make a removable jumper.

ordered trapezoidal sheet dimensions are 2x3.The plans he listed: the decoration fence forged components, and wants to put on top of the stockade forged 15 cm. Peak.

process of installing pillars

1. First he pulled a rope;

2. Prepared for pouring concrete columns;

3. Installed into the pit column and using the bubble level leveled it (that was on the ropes and vertically).

4. In the next step, he gently showered the hole with concrete, and this assistant should keep the bar (or rather the pressure on him to heel column was fixed).After pouring the concrete into the hole, move the column to the base of the heel is not possible.

5. During concreting lost in a vertical column, but with the help of the level of reinforcement bar and took a vertical position.To do this, Eugene bowed column with one hand, pressing his thumb to his level, "shtykoval" concrete rod in the hole.In this way, the column is easily aligned, caught levels and the operation ends.

6. After this operation, the column is without any backups.

With leveling Eugene did measurements and markings on each post.According to him attached cross clamps and grab all the welding.Once convinced that everything was smooth, the entire structure is thorough boil.As for the cross bars of the fence he used shaped tube 40h20.And Gates 40x40, 20x20.

Cap fence he plans to make a flat slate, and above ground to fix the siding.


After Eugene welded "cross", local children had to experience the strength of the structure to use it as wall bars.He crawled up and down, even the Eugene climbed on it, and nothing cost structure and strong reeling.

According to Eugene for the pillars gate was better to use shaped tube 100h100h4, although it is more expensive, but better than 80h80h3.A cross 20x40 - fit just because using sheets 20x20 - when it comes to fixing the sheets, there is a chance to make a mistake and make a hole in the sheet past the crossbar.

When making the fence level was very helpful.

cost of the fence was - 30 thousand rubles.

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