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15 April 2016
Each owner suburban area their views on the fence and gate around his possessions.One fenced three-meter fences and others are happy seeing passing neighbors rare picket fence.

With taste and imagination can come up with a variety of options gate at the entrance to the site.One of them is represented to your attention.

For the construction of the gate CorsaC939 took a welding machine, a comrade previously learned to cook.

Then he bought the following materials:
  • rectangular tube 50h25h2,5;
  • Square rod - 15h15h2;
  • 6h60 and bolts 6x40 mm, washers, growers, hardware, the nut;
  • hinges - 6 pieces zadivizhki - 2 pieces, bolt - 1 piece, 2 pieces of locks.

as well as tools:
  • 2 clamps;
  • screwdriver;
  • drills - 6 mm;
  • Bulgarian;
  • hammer, core, chalk;
  • roulette;
  • primer;
  • goggles;
  • gloves.

Production of doors and gates

rectangular pipe welder cut blanks and welded frame three, two for the gate of 160x160 cm and one for gate 100h160 cm.

of a square rod he cut off pieces of the desired length.W
ith clamp pressed against the frame.Core drills and screwdrivers screwed to the frame.

two square rod clamped clamps, at the intersection of drilled through hole.Bolt is inserted and fastened all this construction nut to Grover.In some places, the bolts and nuts are welded to the frame.

In conclusion remains welded hinge bolt and bolt and cherished gates ready.Then hang them on the hinges and paint.

cost of wasted materials Gates reached with all consumables, about five thousand.While the experts asked for a similar 15 - 19 thousand rubles

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