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14 April 2016
hook knitted reinforcement

Hand hook can be made of any wire or electrode welding of 3-4 mm thickness.To handle was comfortable at it, you can put a piece of hose.More can be done from the trowel, which broke off the blade.He turned in the end, and sharpened.Suitable for this and handle of a paint roller.We purchased in the store for mating hook - the hook rotates freely in the handle.

More for mating fittings can be used while holding screwdriver in his cartridge nozzle in the form of a hook which can be made most of the nail, 4mm hex.or other similar material.After attaching the nozzle should be empirically, by eye to determine the rotational speed of the screwdriver so that it tightly twisted wire and without tearing it.


as binding wire is used, low-carbon annealed steel wire that has been soft in bending.Wires are different colors - black uncoated, galvanized or white.If the wire is bad bends it must hold 30 minutes in a fire, and then cooled in air.

Usually mating fittings for 10-14 mm diameter is used provoloka1,2-1,4 mm.If you take a thin wire, then it will have to put in twice, because it is rather weak, and the thicker it is difficult to twist.

Sometimes it is necessary to accelerate the work to measure the circumference of the coil wire.In some cases, it can be cut immediately and get a lot of finished pieces.

How to Knit

Starts fittings and puts a cross on each other.Then the wire length of 30-40 cm. Folded in half.

Option one - for mating plates or horizontal layers of reinforcement.At a distance of one third of the loop wire is bent around your finger.Then slip it under the valve and into the loop you want to insert the hook.Free piece of wire, skirting the armature, and the plant is stretched on a bed hook that captures the turn and at the same end of the wire.This hands do not let the wire as long as the hook grasps the wire firmly, then she is released.The number of revolutions is determined empirically.After twisting the wire hook is removed, and the free ends of the wire can be cut.

The second option is used for the vertical reinforcement layer, in this method, fixed fittings, are better than in the first embodiment.

In this embodiment, the wire folded in half, but the rods strapped in a different way as in the photo.Then his fingers pressed tightly to the wire rods and wire ends are bent over, insert hook in the loop and the wire is twisted.The hook is removed, the wire ends are bent.

mating using screwdriver

Everything is done as described above, but uses screwdriver.So you need to get your feet wet with a binding instrument and light fittings will be.

Clamps of protection layer

During mating fittings for boards as supports under the valve can be used pre-cut PVC pipe with a diameter of 40-50 mm.They cut like a sausage into slices, the required height.Soldering iron in them can make recesses for fittings.

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