Gift tests - house with their hands!

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13 April 2016
For several years, the Russian market of building technologies storming of construction technology LSTC (light steel thin-walled structures), which came to us from Europe and North America.Construction technology of LSTC - the construction of low-rise residential buildings, commercial or commercial-based scaffolds made of galvanized steel.Company "Polymetal-M", the Russian manufacturer of metal frames for building, implementing a series of model projects from LSTC "selling" in stores Leroy Merlin.Attention buyers the following products for the construction of LSTC - a garage, hozblok, greenhouses, as well as several standard designs of houses.One of which was acquired in 2009 in Rostov - on - Don for the construction of a resident of Novocherkassk.

choice of method - look before you leap

Many of us seek to improve their living conditions, save money, choosing projects.But how many can afford to build a house?Sergei decided to make a gift to the test - to build a house.By all accounts - you need a bi
g house that would be able to accommodate the entire family.Unfortunately, we had to abandon the traditional construction, the crisis has made adjustments.We came to the aid of new technologies.The choice fell on LSTC.
decisive role in choosing the method of construction of the project, according to Sergei Ivanovich played the possibility of building its own as soon as possible and without using construction equipment.This is achieved thanks to its special automated production line "Polymetal-M", which allows to produce metal frames LSTC exploded with unique marking and all the required holes for fastening.Making it possible to maintain the construction using screwdrivers and without special experience of construction works.The next step - is the selection of a suitable project.
cost of operation - 0 rubles

Project Selection - without overpayments

next step - is the selection of an appropriate project that fell on one of the model projects a series of "selling."The "selling - 054" developed by "Polymetal-M" specifically for sale through retail directly to individuals and does not require the development costs.The "selling - 054" - a two-storey residential building with total area of ​​LSTC 98 m2, with a spacious hall and a kitchen-dining room on the ground floor, living room and cozy bedrooms are located on the second floor.This project and liked the Vavilov and his father-in Yuri Andreyevich.It easily accommodate the whole family.Comfortable and functional layout, ease of facades, allow to realize all the wishes of dough.And in case it is easy to make any changes.Thus, realized one of the advantages in the methods of construction of LSTC - the opportunity to put a variety of architectural and design solutions.Typical projects are versatile enough, but LSTC easily become unique.A wide selection of modern and traditional materials for cladding the building will make your home your only, unlike the rest of the house, even of the most popular series.
project cost - $ 0

Supply frame - all inclusive

for Russia - it is a very unusual experience of buying homes through constructive online store Leroy Merlin.After building - a complex and responsible, especially residential building.As a rule, many prefer to trust the professional builders.In this case, it happened quite differently.Going SI acquired a model project for the construction of the LSF series of "selling" in building supermarkets Leroy Merlin.Delivery carcass was conducted from the factory through the delivery service of the store.Details frame packaged and labeled in accordance with the project documentation, which greatly facilitates the delivery and handling design.This delivery option, exploded, allowed for the discharge of its own without the involvement of special equipment.Along with the details of the project delivery is a set of fasteners required for installation of the frame, as well as a set of drawings and detailed assembly instructions.

cost frame - 314 340 rubles

cost - 4800 rubles (Leroy Merlin store in Rostov-on-Don, Novocherkassk)

foundations of the house -accurate calculation

Comfort, comfort and reliability at home is directly dependent on the selected materials and method of construction.Do not unimportant role in this is the foundation - a supporting part of the building, designed to transfer the load from the upstream structures on the ground.The foundation for the house of LSTC chose traditional - solid.Although technology LSTC allowed to use tape base or foundation on bored piles, which allows you to build virtually any terrain.

costs of the foundation - 69 800 rubles

Erection of skeleton - two pairs of hands and ready

After the construction of the foundation, our hero started assembling the frame of LSTC, production of "Polymetal-M."Using the screwdriver with the assistant Sergei, not being a professional builder, he assembled metal frame supporting the panel and set them to the foundation.Assembling the structure resembles a children's designer and assembly is carried out in their free time.Ieinstallation frame spent about 8 days off.At the same time significantly reduced construction time, due to the fact that the excluded loss of time on the shrinkage of construction, which is inevitable in the conventional construction.This advantage is due to the homogeneity of the material frame and the uniform distribution of weight of the structure, thus avoiding distortions of the building during installation and operation.It is worth noting that the earthquake resistance of buildings LSTC reaches 9 points, the design fire resistance and durability.

Installation costs - $ 0
Currently, our heroes have mounted frame two-storey building of the LSTC, it remains to establish the roof, windows and doors.All windows and doors have strictly defined design size and fully comply with the project documentation.Therefore, windows and doors can be ordered in advance of the carcass.And set them immediately on completion of the carcass, which will significantly reduce the overall construction time.Utilities can be placed inside the wall panels, and then safely proceed to the exterior and interior decoration.
worth noting that the construction is carried out "dry method" that allows you to build a convenient time, in the required pace, significantly increasing the construction season.
What will this house - time will tell.But it is already clear technology LSTC - surely came into our lives and has become a great opportunity to build its own comfortable and safe at home with their own hands.

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