Mobile-based foundation trailer

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12 April 2016
Design features invented by Gennady is that it can be disassembled at any time and go in any direction.More this design can be used as a trailer for the transport of construction materials to the country.

trailer Use

Gennady sort of activity has to travel a lot, so he often uses the trailer.For example, arrives at another place of employment, and there he needed storage space for any equipment.Then he calls in the territory of the enterprise, and then puts the trailer walls and gates.Close the roof and the company brings the tools and materials.

uses the trailer as a garage for your car.

With mobile foundation to build the room comfortable quickly without the required documents for permission for construction.Collect house on this foundation can be 3-4 hours, and install almost anywhere.And if you need to make room for the long term, such as a mobile shop with its own design, it can make any man who has the skills of the welder.

Quite simply you have a foundation, and on it you can build anyth
ing you want.There are many options.The dimensions can be different.It is possible to collect a certain small size, and then as necessary to adapt it as a convertible and increase both in width and in length.This is the user-friendliness of the trailer.


you'll need a trailer for transporting building materials weighing up to 2 tons.Sometimes you need a shed or garage 4x6, and in the near future will need to supply the market.

In this situation, Gennady advises to make a six-meter trailer with a platform width of 2.5 m and two axes, because have to carry loads up to 2 tons.

If you need to build a large room, hidden inside the structure telescopic system will increase the length of the trailer up to 8 m. And a width of up to 4.5 m.

Gennady for the installation of a barnfirst remove the wheels from the trailer pushes telescopic design, then sets the counter.Over the metal structure makes the floor.The walls and the roof collects from metal sheets and still takes 4 hours of time.


Security Gennady puts in the first place.Before assembly, the wheels are removed from the trailer, and the room is built on common technology.

Date Trailer

Register homemade trailer to date is simple.Any enterprise for the production of trailers will make it for you according to your drawings and register.You only need to competently make a drawing.And, together with a trailer and you get the documents.

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