Useful hobbies: cold forging

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10 April 2016

According forumchanin Just Father, quality and beautiful forged products can not be cheap.After all, the master puts in them not only considerable physical labor, but also the soul.And yet, is there a way out for those who want to decorate your home such little things?Just grandfather convinced that there, just need to try anything to make yourself.A simpler method for cold forging metal help the novice masters.

cold forging - is the process of metal machining.The preform without heating process hammer squeeze vise, stamps, hand-bent on special machines.For cold forging use only soft metals, some varieties of steel, iron, gold, copper, silver.Multiples forged elements are connected by welding one-piece design.

Samples pen

About a dozen years ago, just grandfather decided to build a bridge across the country with their own hands created a trickle.Validating first decided to do the construction of the tree, but this is unlikely to be proved durable.Soon summer resident learned about the techn

ology "cold forging".Although handle almost any metal without breaks and cracks allowed only hot forging, Santa simply decided to start with a simpler technology.All the more so to create masterpieces, he had not planned.

forumchanin While going with the spirit, took a long time: a brand new welding inverter stood idle for about three years.But the years have not been in vain: Simply Santa studied samples of products, equipment, assessed the possibilities and trying to find time.Finally all the obstacles were overcome, and summer residents began to acquire a new hobby.

For the first sample chosen is not a simple product - the same garden bridge, which had long dreamed of.A lot of mistakes were made.Upset that obtained clumsy welds.However, the following product - fender - went much better, as the third hack - stand of colors.

Materials and expenses

In the manufacture of the bridge has been spent:

  • 9 pipes of rectangular section 25x40 mm and length 3 m - 198 rubles;
  • 32 steel band section 4x20 mm and a length of 2 m - 90 rubles apiece;
  • Cutting and Grinding Discs - about 150 rubles .;
  • 1 pack of electrodes for 100 rubles.(There were many burned in learning welding);
  • 1 can of paint "Hammerayt" - 560 rubles.(It was enough to grate).

total was spent on materials of 5500 rubles.It should be noted that the metal is not simply Grandfather bought the cheapest, since acquired in the shop.If you plan to permanent production of forged products, it is best to seek cheaper.

on the fender took four two-meter band.Total spent no more than 400 rubles.

for flower stand required:

  • 3 20x20 mm tube length 1.9 m - 200 rubles.per Unit.(Three-meter will cost much cheaper - for 134 rub. / Pcs.);
  • about 10 bands 4x20 mm length of 2 m;
  • 3 flowerpot approximately 90 rubles each.

total material with the paint and drive electrodes spent no more than 2,500 rubles.

manufacturing process

pipes for bridge section 25x40 mm and 20x20 mm flower stand just Santa bent in the machine vise.However, since the length of the "sponge" is not enough, they had to build up.Steel strip, even when a little experience with the metal and the presence of elemental tools easy enough to bend his arms.

Harder forumchanin were given the same parts.For their izgtovleniya need another device that forumchanin be called "curl."Just grandfather tried to make it out of th 20 mm plywood.It turned out, but because of that mistake, the device broke down fairly quickly.Just Father plans to remake it from a thick PCB.

On the Internet you can buy professional tools for bending or find homemade and simple to manufacture model.

welding at the beginning there were problems: in thin tubes forumchanin burned through holes.However, there is a silver lining: With these blunders, he learned to brew holes.In recent years, the quality of welds has improved slightly, but is still far from perfected.

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