Tinkering house: compositions for metal processing

By Admin | Metal
09 April 2016

We already wrote about the protection of the tree with the help of whitewash.Offered participants and recipes for making forumhouse.ru paints at home.Today let's talk about metal.


known that metal surfaces over time accumulate dirt and other contaminants.The resulting film gives the uneven coloring, and keep the new coverage will be short-lived.Therefore, before the next staining carried degreasing organic or inorganic solvents.

Member Forum sader4 reveals the recipe composition for degreasing copper, bronze and brass products, which you can do yourself.To do this, in one liter of water is added 10-20 mL of water glass and 100 g of trisodium phosphate.

Be careful: trisodium phosphate - a drug with alkaline properties.After contact with skin, eyes and respiratory tract, it can cause allergies and swelling.Using this substance, wear personal protective equipment!

After degreasing the product is thoroughly washed under hot water for 30-60 seconds, then dipped in a 5% -th hydrochloric a

cid to remove the metal oxide layer.After that, the product is washed with water again and immediately paint.


Oxidation of metal products under the influence of the environment on the surface of a film is formed from green to brown.Create an attractive aged effect on copper, bronze and brass can be artificially. Sader4 offers several recipes.

1. In 100 ml of water dissolve 4 g of sodium hydroxide and 4 g of lactose (milk sugar).The solution will boil within a few minutes, after which, continuing to stir, add the small portions 4 ml concentrated solution of copper sulfate.Skim the product soak in the hot solution.

Depending on how long you keep the product in the solution, the surface will turn golden, green, brown or black .

2. To make copper products « bronze », in 100 ml of water, add 2 g of nickel sulfate, 18 g of copper sulfate, 4 g of potassium chlorate and 0.2 g of potassium permanganate.

3. Making products green color by adding 100 ml of water, 12.5 g ammonium carbonate and 4 ml of liquid ammonia.

solution is applied to the surface of the product with a brush!

4. Copper vilify (Patinir) with a solution of weed liver.It sounds ominous, but it can also be made at home.For this purpose, an iron melt or ceramic container 1 part sulfur (in the form of a dietary supplement sold in pet stores) and 2 parts of potash (potassium carbonate) and baking soda (sodium carbonate).

If the mixture is heated quickly and strongly, sulfur can ignite, the flame will be blue, and black smoke.The flame should be as soon as possible to bring down.

glassy dark brown (or black) was cooled, removed from the container and crushed finely.Sulfuric
liver is stored only in sealed containers since air it loses its properties!In a tightly sealed jar can be left for 1-2 months.

Sulfuric liver diluted with water to obtain a 10-15% solution.It brought to a boil.Products black with a brush or dipping the items in the solution.Time blackening - from 30 seconds to a minute.

patination, a solution of different concentrations.It depends on how thick to get the color.Brass

of ink: In 1 liter of water, dissolve 200 g of copper carbonate and 1 g of 25% ammonia.Products treated in this solution for 3-5 minutes at a temperature of 30-40 ° C.

Struggling with rust

Rust, which spoils the appearance of metal products and shortens their service - an unpleasant, but, unfortunately, common.Solve the problem of using special compounds that make products of corrosion in strong protective film - rust converters.They are sold in the form of solutions, emulsions, suspensions, but we will do it themselves.

to locally create rust brown protective film on the product with a brush or spray applied to 15-30% aqueous solution of orthophosphoric acid was allowed to dry.


- even better use of orthophosphoric acid with additives, for example, 15 g of tartaric acid and 4 ml of butyl alcohol was diluted with 1 liter of a solution of phosphoric acid.The acid converts the components of rust iron orthophosphate FePO4.That he creates a protective film on the surface of the articles.At the same time part of the tartaric acid derivative binds iron tartrate complexes.

Before applying rust converter is required to prepare the surface: clean off loose and crumbling the upper layers of rust.

protect metals from corrosion is also possible using an old recipe ointment: melt 100g of pork fat, add 1.5 grams of camphor, remove the foam melt and mix it with graphite, powdered until the composition does not turn black.When the cream has cooled, brush the metal and leave it for a day.Then polish with a woolen cloth product.

way, these recipes will be useful not only to men, but the needle women.For example, the patina can make such "antique" jewelry made of copper wire.

better to paint the metal and how to prepare it, talk Gameday here.Choose paint for metal products will help in this topic.The better the cut and drilled metal advise Gameday here.His experience in metal cutting fret divided alex157 here.Will choose the grinding and polishing equipment for the metal and this video.