How to decorate the fence of corrugated?

By Admin | Metal
09 April 2016

Initially I profiled intended to finish production and storage facilities, car parks, supermarkets and other structures, for which the aesthetic quality of the materials were not very important.Today, however, steel sheet and high demand in private construction.Most often it is used to cover the roof and creating fences.Here vacationers are asking - how to make a decorative fence and the "home"?We talk about a few ways.

combination of materials

most popular method - a combination of profiled sheet metal with brick or stone pillars.At relatively low cost of such a fence looks solidly.

to the fence of corrugated board was attractive and neat, you need to thoroughly implement the adjustment of all elements.


fence of corrugated will look at the country site harmoniously and naturally, if you use the material, painted under a rock or a tree.


Do not neglect and color of the fence.The coating should be in harmony with the color of the roof and the house match the design a

s a whole.For example, it blends well with a brown roof wall the same color and pink house facade.

but not necessarily for the roof and the fence to use the same color.With brown will look good not too bright red and dark green.Good in a pair of blue and gray color.

fence made of profiled sheet of any color will only benefit if the issue of its black (contrast) border.

will undoubtedly attract attention and bright red fence in the background of lush greenery.

Figured cutting

curly cut edge profiled sheet (arc or waves) also adorn the fence.But do not forget to protect his profile!

Protective strips of rectangular cross section, attached to the top edge of the trapezoidal sheet, give the enclosure finished and aesthetic appearance.

Carved decor

intricate curlicues and other decorative elements, cut from sheet metal - another version of the decor of the fence of corrugated board.The elements are cut from steel technology plasma cutting and painted with powder paint - it does not crack and does not fade in the sun.


Any complexity patterns - from the traditional monograms and geometric shapes to abstract patterns and plot patterns can be done by forging.Forged items not attach directly to a professional flooring.As a rule, made of a special metal profile frame.Forged pattern welded directly to it.

often forged pattern do on "autonomous" frame, which is fixed on top of the sheet.So it seems like a figure painted on the fence.

Forged items on the fence should be combined with other decorative elements of the building - stairs, balconies, window bars, porch, gate, door, etc.


Those gardeners who know how to paint, metal structures can decorate pictures with very different style and subjects.Professional masters will inflict on the fence the whole reproductions of paintings.For these purposes are resistant to sunlight and precipitation facade.This unique fence will delight you at any time of the year!


As with other fences, fence of corrugated board can be decorated with curly perennials.Usually they are free to leave a gate and gate.

Green looks good on dark fence, but will merge with trapezoidal sheet of green or blue.

Flight of fancy

Some gardeners decorate fence flower pots and other decorative elements.You can follow the example of people in Thailand who like to decorate the house and garden in different figures.Turn your fence into a work of art, to place on the bars beautiful sculptures and lanterns.

next idea has thrust itself.Since the metal fence, decor (butterflies, flowers and other items stamped for forging) can be attached to it with magnets.If you are afraid that steal, have come up with a way to more reliably - for example, new posts taneko.Remember the famous house on the forum "Frigate" and a beautiful fence (she, he, however, wood)?

Tuning for Petrovich

the Internet you can find a lot of interesting ideas worthy of attention.Each in its own good.However, the most interesting and original are often our favorite there was a contest to decorate a fence made of profiled sheet, then surely he would have won forumchanin Petrovich61 .

In his post "Tuning the fence of corrugated board" it offers the option of finishing.

Natural wood (residues lining board 100h20) works wonders: with the help of a faceless cold material turns into an amazing beauty, "warm" design.

By the way, the theme "Fantasy in the country," you will not only find samples of fish for such a fence (ordinary, dried fish, already eaten, that is what is left of the fish :), fish-mother and the whole flock), but many otheruseful and interesting ideas.

fence of corrugated board with brick pillars and detailed estimates presented in this topic.On the production of the fence with a gate with their hands here.