Intimate news for the shower stall

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
18 April 2016
shower cabins
Today, the price of the elegance and functionality

most expensive in the repair - a bathroom.And not just because of its equipment costs a round sum.Coglasno theory of feng shui, how it looks, in many respects depends on your financial well-being.

Water should not leak, know it all - with her funneling money out of the house.But that also is a room should look as attractive as possible - many people forget.

form matters too.For example, a wash bowl in the shape of an irregular semicircle hopelessly outdated.Now in vogue oval, round and square, even!And especially stylish considered install plumbing details of one geometry.


Modern showers there for every budget.From the simplest low-end models in a couple of thousand to supernavorochennogo.Each additional bells and whistles throws tyschonku or two to the cost.The range is wide - from simple designs to the plants more like a spaceship.

shower panel

on stylish vertical panel and reinforced watering nozzles through which water flows ar
e served.Lake has a switch mode supply - usually two or three, from the ordinary to the massage.Do you want to - you will fall a powerful jet, and you want - you caress spiral or if rain flows.


This shower panel is enclosed in a separate booth on the floor with its own drainage system.The device for the "standing" water treatment offers maximum range of options.Capacity of plastic and metal with sliding doors.Opportunities for every taste - from the classic whirlpool massage and steam to the effect of a Turkish bath and Finnish sauna.


Now in vogue shell smooth, rounded, often asymmetrical forms.Some models have a dirt-repellent coating - unless you have a maid, it makes sense to pay extra for this wonderful invention!Launderers do not have a shell, simply wipe with a damp cloth.

podstolya sink.Elegant table in which it is encased, will remove from sight all necessary - brushes, sponges, cleaning agents.Option is ideal for small bathrooms.

sink with countertop.If the room is spacious enough, you can choose this option.The spaces on a flat surface around the sink just enough to fit everything you need in it is very beautiful

glass sink.Past this spectacular design solutions difficult to pass.This beauty is also quite practical, because made of special hardened glass.However, the danger of being broken by falling glass vial is still quite large.Therefore, to buy and install - but keep out the heavy container of shampoo!


«White one" indispensable attribute of a bathroom is perhaps the most difficult element for designers.Especially hard to make elegant cistern: because its main task - to save the water to drain - involves a significant amount.

So now decided to hide in the tank wall by means of special installation systems.

And of course - choose a tank with a two-button system drain.This will save each time from two to six liters of water