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17 April 2016

What is composting toilets?

Will this ordinary toilet or sewer shed in the yard, you need to be aware of the pros and cons of your selected options.Drainage is good to all, but is very expensive for most gardeners.

booth with cesspool require regular cleaning special assenizatorskaya machine, whose services are not very cheap and try to get the firms providing such services away from regional centers.Because options are simple bucket and one of the many types of composting toilets.

What is a composting toilet?How it works?What types of composting toilets exist?

options Biotoilets

main players on the market in Russia are composting toilets Composting toilets peat "Compact" a number of Russian companies and portable toilets Thetford Porta Potti (Holland) and Mister Little (Canada) on the basis of biologically active liquids.

Peat toilets "CD»


operating principle of peat dry closets Peat

toilets operate on the principle of the separation of waste in liquid and solid.Liquid waste fall in

to the receiver of which provided them drain in a special pit.For its work, the toilets use peat moss or sawdust, so do not pollute the environment, but on the contrary, the output is a complete, ready-made fertilizer - compost.

Toilet "Compact" is installed on a level floor, the minimum area for installation 1300x1000 mm.To ensure the normal operation of peat toilet, you must install a ventilation pipe through which removes odors and moisture evaporates.

absorbed most of the liquid evaporates and the peat-filled through the vent stack, but if the toilet uses a lot of people (more than 2), then an excess of liquid.In this case, the connection hose for discharging the filtered liquid and the use of the exchange membrane.

device peat biotoilet


  1. collecting tank (use heat-resistant and impact-resistant plastic).Tank capacity from 40 to 70 liters.
  2. Peat drive.Capacity 10 liters.
  3. Chimney (ventilation pipe).Length of from 2.5 to 4 meters.
  4. exchange membrane (some toilets not supplied and sold separately)
  5. drain hose (some toilets not supplied and sold separately).

«Pros" and "Cons" peat litter

- rare enough cleaning toilets.
- Natural composting material
- Ability to work and at low temperatures (several models)

- a special place for equipment installation (1300h1000 mm)
- Connecting the ventilation system
- Organization of the drain outlet (not on all models)

Portable toilets on the basis of biologically active liquids


The principle of operation of portable dry closets

to install portable biotoilet no special communications.This type of composting toilet equipped receiver tank for faeces, the maximum amount which, depending on the manufacturer ranges from 12 to 24 liters.

As a bio-toilet is equipped with a reservoir for clean water (volume of all manufacturers 15 liters) and the flushing system.It works on the basis of the device sanitary liquids (causing referred to as "liquid").

Processed fecal matter recycled into the soil.These differ biotulety lower volume tank and the presence-absence indicator filling the tank waste.

device biotoilet


«Pros" and "Cons" these toilets


  • biotoilet Installation does not require any public communication and special skills.
  • Disposal of waste is possible directly in the soil (compost tank)
  • complete absence is not pleasant smell in a residential installation.

  • When complete filling of the reservoir tank is heavy enough.If unable to clean the bio-toilet transfer at 1/3 filled tank.
  • waste are not prepared fertilizer and require some time to stay in a compost pit for conversion to natural composting material.

What put the toilet on their own land peat or biologically active liquid ?!

to this question is probably no single answer, as not only "the taste and color of comrades not," but the conditions and the possibility of installation and use of toilets on each country site different."Pros" and "Cons" is in both versions.

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