Ball valve.

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
16 April 2016

Due to the reliability and durability of ball valves market demand for them grew.A high demand always generates the production of fakes, the use of which can lead to accidents

And the question arises - How to distinguish a fake from the original?

Since fakes can lead to accidents and great material losses, then they in their operating characteristics Ball valve inferior to branded products, with sometimes very significantly.And in contrast to what you just heard.

demand for ball valves increases due to the excellence of their design, strict control of the chemical composition of materials and manufacturing technology.A counterfeit manufacturers ignore all these factors and, under the guise of well-known brands, create something that looks like the original.

First of all - this material

Ball valves, the valve body must be made of brass, the composition of which is regulated by the appropriate guest in Russia and abroad - the national standard.They provide a zinc content - 60%, lead in the range 0.8-1.9%

, 57-60% copper.Fake valves made of non-ferrous scrap, with no one cares percentage of metals.As a result, for example, the lead content can be up to 5 - 7%, and it is harmful to human health.

Another type of forgery - the use of a cheaper material for body - zinc.The use of this crane is also dangerous.Due to the increased fragility it can crack during mechanical action or differential pressure.Add to this the impact of chlorine water on the zinc, whereby wall products become thinner and less reliable crane.A solution which is formed from chlorine and zinc - zinc chloride is carcinogenic.There are cranes and aluminum alloy.

Chasing saving materials valve body made thin - 0.5 - 1mm and reputable manufacturers make cranes with a wall thickness of 2 mm.

method of production

But this is not limited to ways to save at forging cranes.Leading manufacturers of ball valves made by hot forging or hot pressing.In order to save forgery produce castings.Therefore, they differ from the original products uneven surface of the housing, the influx, and the material has a heterogeneous structure whereby poor reliability.Ball valves, too fake, not producing them in brass and stainless steel, so they rust and leak disappears crane.And manufacturers of branded cranes pay great attention to the rotary valve.Brass balls exposed diamond grinding, and then they are coated with nickel or chromium.As a result, the ball gets a perfect mirror surface.We forged a spherical surface dull and rough.

Experts note that there are fake, where construction cranes modified to reduce the cost of production at the expense of quality.

Read carefully the name of the company

part of the name of the company to write the wrong product, but like the original.One of the tricks - Change one letter instead Bogati Bugatti;distortion logo, placing it for example is not a rhombus, a square or a circle;name of the country instead of taking ITALY made in Italy.In addition, the labeling may be missing one or another element, required for a particular manufacturer.


  • best to buy a ball valve at the official distributors of these firms.
  • If this is not possible, you can call the official distributor and ask whether it is the official supplier of your seller.
  • manufacturers on Internet sites often placed drawings of the products.In addition, you can ask labeled products, how it looks, what its size, weight and other features, which can determine its authenticity.