Dry closets

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
15 April 2016

as a toilet can be used traditional hut in the yard, or bathroom, located in the house.Each of them has its own pluses and minuses.

Dry closets the winter need to go on to the yard is not always convenient, and a cesspool must be regularly cleaned, ordering assenizatorskaya machine that cost is not cheap.Toilet in the house is very convenient, but expensive for truckers.

remains one option - a bio-toilet.What it is, how it works and what are the toilets?

What types of composting toilets exist?

first kind - chemical toilets.To work effectively used chemical agents that decompose human waste.But in the process of decomposition of some other chemicals are obtained, and they must be disposed of without harm to the environment and the question arises how?At home in the area do not want to, and then you have to run to the nearest ravine, and there lay the chemical bombs.

second type - peat.Such toilets use peat moss or sawdust.Using natural materials human waste is processed, and the resulting decomposition mass

can be used as compost.That is, instead of waste obtained fertilizer for the garden.

device biotoilet biotoilet

toilet, chemical consists of:

  • tank of heat-resistant and impact-resistant plastic.Its capacity is 65 to 70 liters;
  • drive for peat capacity of 10 liters;
  • exchange membrane;
  • drain hose;
  • ventilation pipe length of 4 meters

The principle of

While using composting toilets, peat litter of torfonakopitelya (2) moves into a collecting tank (1), in which composting continues.Exchange membrane (4) separates the liquid from the next compost.In the exhaust pipe (3) is removed and most of the odor of the liquid.Through a special fitting (5) the excess liquid drains into the soil or container.After filling the tank (1) shall be submitted to the compost pile.

All types of composting toilets happening aerobic decomposition process of waste.To ensure that this process needs the air flow and a special mixture on the basis of peat, which includes:

  • odor absorbers,
  • leavening agents that increase the access of air,
  • special microorganisms producing waste processing.

In operation, a mixture dispensed into the storage tank.The ventilation system, which is equipped with a toilet, removes gaseous products of aerobic decomposition.If you receive large quantities of liquid in a special membrane separates the liquid from the solids, and outputs via the connection to the device irrigation.

Depending on the capacity biotoilet period between cleanings is from 1.5 to 8 months.