Shower enclosure

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
14 April 2016

shower author and found himself in such a situation, when trying to find a room to shower the size 160h90 cm. In the same situation are often people who are planning to install a shower in the sauna or swimming pool.Using a glass enclosure allows the best possible use of available space, lighting and create a unique design.Modern household chemicals offers sufficient funds allowing the glass to create a non-wetting surface and to preserve the purity and transparency of the glass.The disadvantages include a glass enclosure weight of the structure and the impossibility of "podrihtovat" glass.

glass used in the enclosure must be durable, safe and large enough to withstand temperature extremes.These properties are tempered glass.

recently appeared in the construction market sets shower enclosures in tempered glass under the brand Andres designed for self-installation.From these kits can be assembled shower corner shower enclosure or shower door.The set includes a glass height of two meters and a width of 80 or

90 cm. The ability to combine both dimensions in a single product gives an extra "room for maneuver".Shower can be installed at the corner of the wall on the floor (in this case the need to perform additional waterproofing and install the drain) or a suitable shower tray.

except components for the installation of glass enough to have a tape measure, marking pencil, a plumb or level, drill with drill bits for concrete, silicone gun and screwdriver.Since glasses have significant weight then you need to install the wall two people.Before starting work, you should check that the wall at the site of attachment were vertical and smooth, and the floor slope does not exceed 1 cm to 1 m.

Installation of the shower angle corner shower installation starts with the installation of the wall.From the angle of the cab 79, measure distance or 89 cm (depending on the size of the glass) and placed in a vertical plumb via a U-shaped bracket.If the shower does not plan to install the door, this distance may be increased to 100 cm. Next to the wall is necessary to mark the places for the holes that secure the bracket.It is important that the hole did not get at the seams and are near the edges of the ceramic tiles.To avoid damage to the tiles, holes must be drilled for the dowels without percussion drill mode.Drilled holes cleaned of dust, install them and fix dowels U-bar.

shorter U-lath short U-plank set on the floor parallel to the opposite wall.Unlike vertical strips, it is fixed on the self-adhesive tape.

You can now install the glass.Inside the U-bars, a layer of silicone and glass installed.Place the glass without excessive force, and in any case, do not put it directly on the concrete floor without pads.The edges of tempered glass are afraid of attacks.Compensate for uneven floors with wooden wedges.Remove excess silicone.

the upper edge of the wall upper edge of the wall is fixed telescopic tube fixed on the opposite wall.The set includes a seal is set so that the glass does not touch the metal.With the help of a plumb check vertical position of glass and fix the pipe.

After installing the wall you can start the installation of the door.Door hinge is mounted on a special bracket, which is fastened in the same manner as the U-bracket wall.Once the strap is installed, it will be possible to start the installation of the door.At first floor, where will be the door, put wooden blocks about 1 cm thick, which will draw the door leaf during installation.Next, insert the profile in the profile of the hinge attached to the wall.

It remains to check remains to verify the uniformity of the gap along the perimeter of the door and ensure that it is upright.This provision is necessary to fix the wooden wedges, laid under the door leaf.It remains to drill a hole at designated locations in the wall and loop profiles and hold them together with stainless steel screws included in the package.Then remove the wooden wedges and set the plastic seal fixing the door to the closed position.Inside the shower coat with silicone to seal the perimeter of the profile and wait for the day to end the polymerization of silicone.The installation is finished.In operation, the gap between the door and the floor can be adjusted soul washers mounted under the lower hinge of the door.

design shower enclosure designed designer Tarmo Tallinn Luysk.The design feature is the simplicity and elegance with a minimum of parts made of metal and plastic.Tempered glass is made in St. Petersburg in the company "A-Glass."Available not only clear glass, but also frosted and colored, tinted glass.View all of the options, please visit the company you can find out which sells glass for showers.

Editor: Roman Adamov