Sewer pipe - simple to the complex.

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
10 April 2016

Often, the owners of cottages can hear the following questions: A need is a sewer pipe and, if necessary, what is required diameter of the pipe or where best to place it?

It so happened that in the debate on the sewer pipe has been broken a lot of copies.It is time to clarify the above questions, and help us in this invaluable experience of users

But before we move on to the answers, you should look into the appointment of the sewer pipe.

The sewer system sewer pipe acts as a liaison between the septic tank and the atmosphere.

It does not matter whether you're using on your site autonomous sewer system or septic tank produced independently of concrete rings.

should remember that most of the sewer pipe is a must, since the passage of wastewater through the riser creates a vacuum sewer system.Because of this, water in the siphon plumbing of your home, such as toilets and sinks under the action of the vacuum begins to be absorbed into the sewer pipe, which could lead to the disrupt

ion of the water trap and the appearance of the premises odor.

siphon or water trap - a curved tube, for example - located under the sink or toilet and filled with water.Thus, the liquid residing in the curved part of the siphon acts as a water stopper - prevents the penetration of unpleasant odors from the sewer into the room.

about how to approach the selection of a pumping station for the private home read in this section our forum.

indicative of our personal experience of members of the forum.Consider one of the most asked questions.Participant forumhouse (nick Offline Latysya) asks:

- I septic pit - concrete rings with bottom and lid.It is located 6 meters from the house.In this side face 3 of the window.At first, I thought to bring a vent stack of the sewer pipe, which is connected to the toilet, bathroom through the ceiling, then to the attic and roof of the house pocket.
I think that it is necessary to ensure that other gases and odors generated in the septic tank fills, went through it and dispel higher over the roof.That is, to some septic tank there was no smell.But the problem is that it does not want to perforate the roof.Questions: Do I need a fanovy riser?Will the smell of septic tank without ventilation riser?And what should be the diameter of the pipe?

Responsible Consultant our forum Evgeny Fadeev :

- Latysya, you are absolutely right.Fans riser pipe and needs to be 110mm in diameter.If not for the outlet of the riser, the smell will be in the drying of breakdowns or hydraulic locks.In the absence of proper ventilation fans with a riser, a tributary on the filter construction and exhaust on the roof, the smell will, anyway, be distributed throughout the area.With regard to the diameter of the tube, it is necessary to remember a simple rule:

Flow through 50th pipe about 16 times less than the flow through the 110-th.Thus, it will be not ventilation, and a set of connecting tubes.

Sometimes you can hear the view that the installation of sewer pipe is not required, as the volume of a single flow is not able to block all cross-section of sewer pipe.But it is easy to guess what would happen if, for example, will be made once the discharge of water from the kitchen sink, tub and toilet.But usually in a modern country house mounts two or more bathrooms.

about how to ensure that a country house with clean water and install sewer system tells in this article .

should remember that the sewage pipes in the following cases:

  • When used in a communication system of sewer risers diameter of 50 mm;
  • house has two floors and a fitted bathrooms;
  • The house has a swimming pool or other equipment, whose one-time stock is able to block the sewage system.

placement sewer pipe

Consider this - a very common situation: the house is already built, septic tank was dug, the conclusions outlined bathrooms, and where to put the sewer pipe homeowner still undecided.

user forumhouse (nick Offline Prorab_2009 ):

- At the moment, the situation is this: the house is built, the roof is covered with tiles now reached the stage of the sewer pipe from the house to the septic tank 6m.There is an opportunity to break through the ceiling and install the sewer pipe under the tiles in the cold attic.
possible to make only one sewer pipe for the meter to a septic tank, if so, how high it must be raised?

According to the consultant of our forum Vadim , possible in this case following the layout of the sewer pipe, and preference should be given to the process at number 1.


- Firstthe most preferred method.Fungus on the riser is not needed. As the warm air rises tube, the fungus may be condensation freezes, and can block the pipe. not display in the attic - and thrust weak and stinking attic.If the vent stack away from the toilet - the toilet seat should be put on the vacuum valve.With regard to the placement of the tube, it is not recommended to make the output of the pipe under the eaves, as in this case, reduce the draft.

also not recommended output fanovy riser through the wall under the eaves.Pay attention to the pattern.In winter, when the snow melts from the roof of your house it can disrupt sewage pipes.

user of our forum (forum name VladimirKu ) recommends the following guidelines when outputting the sewer pipe.

- sewer pipe should go up on the roof, at least 30 cm. And as close to the ridge to the snow it is not ripped off when coming off the roof.And it is not only to protect the internal sewage hydrolocks your home, but also for ventilation of sewer pipes.If the house over 2 floors with long horizontal internal wiring inside the home sewer, you may have to withdraw and second fanovy risers.If you have a stand-alone system is bioremediation using microorganisms, which for their livelihoods need oxygen, the ventilation system is essential.

fans riser is the most direct, as Gravity ventilation, not forced, and therefore should be avoided, the twists and turns of the restrictions, in order not to create resistance to airflow.

Learn more about fans riser users can in this section of our forum.There conducted hot discussion must end than sewer pipe on the roof.A in this video clearly shows all phases of work on the conclusion of the riser through the roof.