Reliability and performance: new items of sanitary ware from SFA

By Admin | Sanitary Engineering
09 April 2016

domestic consumers are already familiar with the series Sanicubic, designed for use in public places.However, recently there have been new models with improved consumer characteristics, marked index R4.

from their predecessors, they are more powerful and economical engines, the increased moisture protection class - from IP67 to IP68, a remote control unit which is connected with the motor wires.New models (Sanicubic 1 R4, Sanicubic 2 Classic R4 and Sanicubic 2 Pro R4) - with a fully sealed electrically.Because of this they can be installed even in the pits and depressions below floor level.This - their advantage over predecessors, suitable for installation in a dry and well-ventilated area, at ground level.

Another new offering from SFA - pumping station Sanicubic XL, also with increased moisture protection class IP68.There is no grinding mechanisms: solid elements go together with the liquid on the branch pipes of large diameter -100 mm.

Pumping stations have retained all the advantages of the previ

ously released models - compactness, power, modern design.At the same time, the improved design of new products increases the reliability of the equipment, because the presence of a solid, neizmelchaemyh inclusion does not affect the operation of the plant.Sanicubic XL - with two electric motors rated at 2 kW, weighs 55 kg, the maximum performance of equipment - 50 m3 / h, pressure - 12 m.

have to pump out the water from the shower with low pallets or ramps (where the outlet pipe is inserted into the floor)?This will help you sanitary pump for domestic use Sanifloor.If the previous development could only remove the water flows by gravity and, therefore, lower tray installed, the new model can be mounted on 300 mm above the drainpipe.

new pump Sanifloor, with a capacity of 35 l / min, raises pump water to a height of 3 m. The diameter of the incoming pipe - 16 mm, diverter - 32 mm.Drive power is 0,4kVt.Included are three pump siphon - for soft floor, stairways and low trays.

LLC "SFA Rus" Moscow Kolpachny Pereulok. 9A.More information can be found by calling: (495) 258-29-51, 621-87-71, e-mail or website

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