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20 April 2016
samples for their future furniture for the garden ELIZA usually found in a landfill.Then everything is in order - is cleaned, repainted, added decorative elements and, after final touch is used for its intended purpose.

As a rule, all to buy more as an element of decoration of furniture, bought cheap and reworked so that it is impossible to know, but she is not beautiful fittings economy.


left without work ELIZA have got a lot of time, and she decided to buy a suburban area.After a brief search she found a suitable and bought it.So do not get a job, not to waste time, she took decoupage.Husband looking at her work, said - in the summer build a house, and in it he makes furniture in this style.

foregoing remembered her husband, and somehow walking with him in the evening, they saw discarded nightstand without doors.They took her with him and decided to practice on it.

brought home, washed, cleaned.Then bought a door, we put on the nightstand primed made cracelures, treated water varnish and c
overed decoupage roses.


One day while in Ikeja ELIZA saw hanging shelves.Shelf simple, nailed of shields.My husband just wanted to do this.It remains only to find the glass door.Less than 10 days, they found a pair of doors on a dump of a suitable size with glass.

doors like hobnob smoothed, then purchased panels from pine and one baluster each shelf.

ELIZA produced stencils for the bottom of the shelf, balusters sawed into halves vertically and decorated doors.After assembly, the shelves were designed jewelry, and the benches are primed white water-based paint.

After the regiment was dry, her dyed brown and bronze water colors.Places exposed to aging, it is covered with wax and in some places krakelyurnym varnish for cracking.And the whole structure painted white paint

After drying manifested craquelure.Then it is fine sandpaper gently smooth out the product especially in those places where greased wax (craquelure not touch).

The next step, she carved rosettes and decorated their door.Then repeatedly coated shelves aqueous varnish.It was made of two shelves.They were made in the evenings and on weekends.According ELIZA and her husband to take a lesson magnificent shelves.

Wooden bedside table - buffet

next product they made was a buffet.Him they made of found tables.As with all products, nightstand, they sanded and primed.The door on the perimeter decorated with carved thin plate.

To make a snack bar, they have bought in the store utsenёnnuyu door of oak for kitchen furniture.By her side walls made of boards that are stuck on the lining panels for kitchen furniture and get the side panels top of the cupboard.

middle doors painted with bronze paint, and the top covered structure for the emergence of craquelure.On the Canticle brown paint - where the paint will overwritten and old.

Then they made craquelure buffet and covered with paint the color of melted milk.After it dries it, the old sideboard in the right places and to issue its roses.

In the end they covered a buffet aqueous lacquer in several layers and fixed fittings.

shelf plates

shelf Made of pine boards and round wooden sticks.She was going to self-tapping screws.To support plates on the top shelf, they bought cheap wooden handles and secure them there.

All carved details make jigsaw stencil.When all the parts put together shelf primed edges covered dark paint after it dries the same edge coated bronze.

then covered shelf finish paint, sanded the edges, and the product was decorated with rosettes and finally covered with several layers of lacquer.

table and chairs kitchen

Kitchen ELIZA did not look for furniture, and went out and bought at Ikea ordinary pine table.After the artistic treatment it changed to become more attractive.

Chairs at 4 pieces also bought in Ikeja.Covers for furniture purchased in DIY stores and picture framing studio.The upper part of the chair is made of floorboard sawn stencil.A side members - a plug from the eaves.All of this is attached to the glue and screws.

In principle, all this can be done from the old table and chairs, pre-stripping of the old paint.

Bedroom furniture

After ELIZA kitchen furniture with her husband started to manufacture beds.It all began with the fact that ELIZA passing by saw the dumpster back from an old bed-ottoman with unique carvings on it.Ottoman - headboard, upholstered in a soft cloth and batting.She could not resist and took the ax out of the car to break down the top of the bed and brought home.

Once there was a house is a carved decoration, design bed defined itself.Furniture is carved with a "bug", a dark brown color.

designed bed for about a month.We thought of what will be made legs of the bed as a headboard height to fix 130 cm and 160 cm. In the style of carved ornaments.They are usually made furniture for garden house, then brought to the country and the details collected there.But this time decided to make the bed and collect at the cottage.

carved decoration for the top of the headboard was short, so the husband ELIZA his lengthened to size by making the insertion.The inserts give a light because they are made of pine and oak ornament itself.

pads on the bottom of the headboard was removed from aborted chair.Sides with mountings removed the old sofa.Everything else is bought and done manually.

To complete the ensemble, they bought two bedside tables and issue them to the style of the bed.We get two charming bedside chest!

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