Make a bed: Step by step instructions with illustrations

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18 April 2016

Member Forum "Home and cottage» legith decided to make a bed for your child - from materials left over from the building, with a small amount of metal elements in the design.First, he calculated the size of the bed, on the basis of the size of the existing mattress: length - 190 cm, width - 82 cm. The height of the legs choose to your taste, headboard planned height of 80 cm, the back - 60 cm.

Making beds legith started with legs.Since the desired section of the bar was not, I decided to glue the legs.To begin with sliced ​​sticks 8 pieces 850 mm in length and the same - 650 mm, with a section of 35x35 mm (possible without bonding: the bars of the same length, but with the right section).Then, two of the four legs glued bars, the other two - two (PVA glue D2, better - D3).

of boards for floor izgotovalivaem tsargi: side - length 2050 mm, cross - 900 mm.Circular saw cut the tongue and a groove, a surface gauge (possible a plane) remove longitudinal ventilation slots.

the dried glue the halves in full legs.After drying, the adhesive surface gauge aligned side surfaces of workpieces.

Preparations for legs and drawer side have to do with the stock length.

blanks legith Fit final length, two feet by two 800 mm - 600 mm.At the ends of the blanks marked bottom.Also on the desired length of the cropped side-bar: two to the width of the bed, taking into account the two spikes of 30 mm.As a result, cross tsargi totaled 880 mm, longitudinal - 1960 mm.

next step - cutting grooves in the legs and spines on the side-bar with a hand router with a straight slot cutter.To make the spikes on the ends drawer side, legith pairs set them on the table and workpiece, well aligned in the end, sealed with clamps to each other and to the table.

also on the sides level with two bar blanks attached to the rip fence or the sole router does not gather on the edges.The sides of the master removed 5 mm from the top and bottom - 20 mm.Parallel emphasis he placed on the length of the stud (30 mm) offset cutters - 5 and 20 mm.

In the manufacture of spikes by installing a parallel emphasis on the right size, it is advisable not to touch it until the end of the work.Departure cutters can change.

Making grooves in the legs under the thorns: caliper measure the thickness and width of the spike mark up on the leg, reducing the size of 1 mm.Next you need to install and press clamps two small bar across the legs (limit move the router along the length of the slot) and then set the rip fence.

start to choose the slot.The depth of the groove legith did little more length of the stud.If you do not have the required cutter diameter, choose the slot in two passes in width.Combining with the edges of the groove cutter, do not forget that the widest part of it - it is the cutting edge.

to studs in the slots, rounded corners of the tape from the polishing machine with a large grain.Insert the spike in the side-bar groove legs.

to each blank to do layout in length, under the restrictive bars legith puts the next workpiece (That's what marks the bottom of the legs) and a groove milled into the second drawer side.

forumchanin headboards made from the finished furniture board: cut a circular saw on a workpiece (length equal to the distance between the uprights, plus 5 cm on both sides of the backrest on the spikes), gave the desired shape blanks and chose spikes.

in the rack chosen slot under the spikes of backs, the upper edge of the processed shaped cutter.After all the polished, put all the parts on the backs of glue, clamps tightened and left to dry.

finalized side side-bar.Since the bars under the crossbar legith would attach to the side-bar to "dovetail", it was necessary for the long edges of the cutter bar, chose a straight groove in the drawer side (width equal to the narrow part of the "dovetail" on the bar) and the cutter was on its edges.

Bar inserted into groove side-bar, you can fasten with screws.Then paste it into the side-bar grooves and backs to make a collapsible bed, put on the connection screws.From the width of the bed Scrollsaw boards or finished bars, process them and put in place.The bed is ready!

legith to the bed made-in closet and two bedside tables for bedrooms: one collected at the dowel, the second - at the junction of "dovetail".Product dimensions: height - 650 mm, width and depth - 500 mm.The dimensions of the door - 450h400 mm cover - 550h600 mm.

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