Shelves for dishes three hours

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17 April 2016

Member Forum ANTI-killer is already known to our readers for their wood products.Not so long ago we talked about the original bench, which he did from the old stump.Now, the master shows how to make a simple but nice kitchen shelf.

Her forumchanin decided to replace the old, which was badly colored stain.And since the shelf regularly enjoyed, over time there appeared spots.Originally used as a shelf hanger beautiful tack and stand under the tank with salt and butter.These functions, it was decided to maintain a new and more functional products.

To start it was necessary to determine the approximate size, taking into account the board and make a drawing.Width top shelf was approximately 18 cm (in the scheme - 15 cm, but it was not enough).Because of the width of one board was not enough, the owner decided to glue the board.

shelves masters from waste.Pine boards were treated machine, edge aligned plane.

ANTI-killer grooves spaced locations for slats used "lamelnik" and 20th "biscuits."

Two Boards glued, pulled clamps and set aside to dry.

forumchanin then set to the side racks - their height was about 30 cm. The boards were used slightly thicker ones that went on the shelf.Their host was passed through marking gauge, a plane and walked along the edge of a rough outline painted by hand.According to it, a band saw to cut.

can use the jigsaw, but it saw blade "leads", in contrast to the band saw.

Likewise sawed the lower part of the "sides", then went to the "decor" - made a nice edge cutter.

On the bottom shelf master rounded corners and lifted the edge of the edge cutter.I adjusted the lower sides and the rear bar - later on it will be fixed hooks for tack-stirrers or spoons.Also connects to the slats.

shelf ANTI-killer did a "massacre", drawing a shape by hand.

To get the symmetrical portion of the shelf without having to make patterns, drank half and use the cut pieces as a template for the second half.

Dry "shield" Validating drove through Thicknesser, drank in size and walked along the edge of the cutter.The top and bottom connected where it is not visible - put on the screws and glue, in other cases - on the glue and dowels.

last step - make taped for plates.As the round vertical rods were used ready.They sawed off the ANTI-killer Japanese saw (saws cleanly and accurately), and then paid a markup and drilled blind bore diameter of 10 mm on the bottom shelf and a mirror - on top.

Do not forget at every stage carefully hides and polish all edges and the plane.Use sandpaper P120-P240 graduation.Any defect later manifest itself at the stage of painting.Sand also is necessary after bonding to remove traces of glue and clamps.

rack will still be trimmed, it will also add hooks sticks to tack that the owner is going to grind on the machine.

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Editor: Olga Travin