Oak table and bench for pergolas

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16 April 2016

After making a covered pergola and a Russian stove at the forum was a question of manufacturing otttt necessary furniture.The owner decided to start, it would seem, with the most simple, but at the same time - a complex product - table.He had a whole year to be on the street and, importantly, the design approach to the entire interior of the gazebo.


Finding oak planks otttt came across an advertisement for the sale of lumber at a good price.I called the seller and drove for 35 km.However, having seen overgrown with moss and buried in the ground a pile of oak beams, forumchanin taken aback.Bruce was procured masters back in the 80s, but it will not be necessary.First otttt upset, but later it turned out that in vain after the sawmill was dismissed on the logs into planks and beams required section, the owner opened a tree of great beauty.

When the material was ready, forumchanin conducted several experiments on finishing - would achieve beautiful and protects the wood from moisture coating.Ot

tt treated wood colorless azure "Belinka" and linen varnish, and then have exposed to corrosive media: pouring water, vinegar, soup, orange juice, vodka.

¬ęBelinka" proved to be more resistant, but linseed looked natural and beautiful.Moreover, such a cover was another advantage: the color change under the influence of any liquids can fix a couple of times during the season the tree rubbing cloth dipped in varnish.

Then the owner tried newly acquired mill "Fiolent".Finger jointed machine coped easily, but the milling depth was not enough.The main disadvantage of the tool - jamming in the guide.

forumchanin then made a trial fitting and mark all legs.

After the onset of cold weather operation had to move into the house.For the assembly was used for cargo tie-belt.Feet host glued on an elastic polyurethane adhesive sealant.Mark pulled a strap connection tapped with a rubber hammer.After solidification (three days later) carefully cut the excess glue.

wood is pre-treated with a mixture of water and stains of color walnut oak (1: 1) and then soaked with linseed oil mixed with turpentine in the same ratio.To achieve color greasy, blackened by time tree.

After drying otttt walked on all surfaces 180 sandpaper to remove the pile and "wipe" the faces and texture.With the onset of spring table carried and collected.Boards forumchanin joined with a clearance of 2-3 mm, leaving allowances on swelling.Sealed oak cubes.

This connection will allow the board a couple of millimeters to "play" in the hand without cracking.

Finally, the owner handled the table to give a weak solution of several layers of varnish in turpentine.The table has turned a height of about 84 cm high, so we had to shorten the legs.

Bench Corner bench without back otttt I have done over two days.Legs are made from a bar of 7 cm. Seat has been used 25 cm boards. Since it was fine on the long side of the master made five jumpers, so that the product could withstand all guests.

blanks: eye pattern made by a router, and then glued polyurethane sealant.

While the adhesive sets, attracted corners.In order to save time and effort seat fastened with screws in zasverlennye and countersunk holes.Stopper and processed color stained oak and walnut, soaked with linseed oil with turpentine.

Subsequently, it was a better solution than varnish.When the table is scratched screws, damaged areas forumchanin soaked natural linseed oil.Even without a light sanding scratches became less visible.In addition, the table was made for the street, and any film coating would begin to peel off under the influence of seasonal variation of moisture in the wood.

Equipment used:

  • trimming (miter machine) - allows you to make perfect angle cuts;
  • Fraser chose eyes, makes a beautiful semicircular chamfer;
  • because the board used uncalibrated, all fitting is performed using plane.

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