The bed of the timber.

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15 April 2016

What could be the most expensive gift for best friends - newlyweds?Of course the bed, made his own hands.From a pure heart, and with best wishes.According to the new posts and the author of this bed ElenaKis, the couple were thrilled!And this is important!After all, just the bed made, original and, most importantly, with the soul!

So, we proceed to the manufacture of the bed.For this we need:

  • 4 segment unprofiled wooden bar 150x150 mm (2 in short, depending on the height of the bed + mattress, two 60 cm long for the head)
  • 2 Planed boards 200x50 mm on the length of the mattress + 100 mmstud
  • 2 bar 50x50 mm on the length of the mattress
  • planed boards 150h40 9 mm to the width of the mattress (2 bed sides, 6 lag under the mattress, headboard 1 board)
  • 1 Unedged board the width of the bed
  • rope
  • Antisepticimpregnation of wood, water-based
  • Self


  • Hacksaw on wood
  • Drill
  • screwdriver
  • cylindrical drill (Drill Forstner) wood
  • Brushes

Previously all the details of the fu

tureWe paint the bed lessirovochnomu impregnated wood.Further, with the two ends of the long boards 200x50 mm cut out for spikes of 50 mm to the bed was firmer.Accordingly, the size of the studs in the grooves do bars.You can use the cutter, but if not, then you can use the drill Forsnera.

On both sides of the board in the edging, the top one of the short sides and bottom of the bed headboard crossbar drilled round hole for decoration rope.

At the ends of the head of the bar, as well as on the long sidewalls of the bed, do spikes and their corresponding slots in the 2-longer-rack bars.For a long Bedside screwed bars 50x50 mm to support lag.

Now "collect the bed" 2 long sides and the head "on tongue and groove" with racks and legs bed, 2 short bed sides with screws screwed to the studs-feet of timber.Next to the bar joists laid 50x50 mm and then screwing them firmly fixing lugs to prevent deformation.We decorate the head uncut board and ropes.Everything!The bed is ready!

The same principle was made, and a bed for the family itself ElenaKis.Just as the legs were used birch trunks.Operation of the bed during the year showed an excellent result.Reliability and comfort are guaranteed!

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