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14 April 2016

work on the green sculpture Tropotop started in the winter.His work forumchanin created in the technique of classical topiary.All that it requires: a metal frame, plants (grass, bushes) and curly haircut in the future.The first figure Tropotop made in topiary art style.Frameworks turtles, seals, and puppy crocodile filled master substrate and planted ornamental grasses.As soon sprouted vegetation, the sculpture "alive."

Validating the new year decided to make not just a decorative piece, but still useful - chair.First he drew a few sketches.Then glued three-dimensional model from which the family council chose the most attractive.

next step - the creation of full-scale paper elements template "Chairs."Then you'll need a pencil and scissors.Validating made three "pattern" for backrest, seat with armrests and side with the front end.It is important that the shape as small as possible joints and the surfaces contacted by the man had a minimum of joints.In determining the size of the elements Tropot

op into account and the size of the grid, from which carved details.

welded mesh 50x50 mm, paper template, forumchanin cut out all the details.Tools - wire cutters and pliers.

details you need to cut with a margin!The remaining gap at the edges to be used when connecting parts.

All elements are ready.Tropotop gathered sides and seat with armrests, formed the rear backrest.Then the modified shape cut and strip wire tails barbs.

Later it became clear that "chair" can accommodate a child but not an adult.Validating had to strengthen the structure.It had to be done so that the frame was solid, but lost grace.Also Tropotopu would do without welding, because its welding machine broke.Master tried several options until I stopped at reinforcing loop of the two U-shaped arcs that are connected by two bridges.Amplification he made of metal rod with a diameter of 8 mm.The compounds of the details - the screw.Bottom contour Tropotop produced from the corner of 30x20 mm and fix it with rivets.

Lower loop - an important element.This is not only a support for the reinforcing loop.It also fixes the wire frame, increases the footprint shapes on the ground and connects all of the elements.

protruding ends of the reinforcing frame Tropotop several shortened.Later, they will go into the ground and will keep the "Chair".

final stage - painting figures in the two layers of silverfish.This cover looks pretty and protects metal from rust.Recent tests have shown that the "Chair" will not deform under the weight of even a thin adult.The figure has stood for almost a hundred kilograms host.

Spring Green furniture has taken its place in the garden.And what will come out of it in the summer?Chances are that something like this chair.Surely, this garden decor will not disregard any children or their parents.

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