Birch chair, or how to get to work on the element itself.

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13 April 2016

But we need only recall that the man "crown of nature" and "the king of the universe," and then such disadvantages as the effects of freezing rain, heavy snowfall, high winds, etc., etc., you can immediately get to serve their advantage.Namely, to prepare the human building blocks to create more than the original seat, which is able to bring a touch of wildlife in the design of a country house or garden, especially if you are an adherent of "natural" style.

That, in the spring and early summer in the nearby places of holiday villages and suburban forests easily find a large number of fallen birch trees that without prejudice to the nature, can be used not only for firewood but also for the manufacture of garden and garden furniture.

What do we need to create a birch chair?A couple of tools, steel hardware, a few hours of time and, of course, the symbol of Russian nature - birch.You can not even treated as it is, only with remote branches and twigs.

But in order.So, materials and tools for making

chairs :

  1. birch logs with cut twigs and branches.Optionally, oshkurennye.10 pieces (seat) - 15 cm in diameter, 6 pieces (backrest) - 7.5 cm in diameter.
  2. chain saw.You can replace the manual nozhёvkoy, but the preparation of material for the chair will take much more time.
  3. screwdriver or drill.
  4. feathers drill 30 mm in diameter.
  5. Long svёrlo for logs 6 mm in diameter.
  6. screws 21.5 cm.
  7. Screws 15 cm.
  8. screws 9 cm.
  9. steel plates (brackets).

Well, the process of manufacture.Brilliant in its simplicity and ease.

to start on the floor draw the sideline of the future chair and mark it for clarity, color tape.Further sawn birch trunks for firewood, the length of which is equal to the width of the seat of the chair.

The first pen-drill logs (4), and then long for logs (5), make 3 holes vertically.Put the ends of the logs along the marked line on the floor, connecting them with screws (6 and 7).

The result is a ready frame of the chair.

To give structure rigidity and greater stability, the logs together and connect the bottom rear seat backrest rigid steel plates (9) by means of screws (8).

Well, that's all.Brutal chair up to date now eco-style Naturel is ready!

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