New outfit for the couch

By Admin | Furniture For Garden
09 April 2016
Over time favorite things grow old and out of fashion.And once beautiful, the envy of all the neighbors sofa, hard to get through connections or bought on sale turns into a shabby, dreary piece of furniture.With that, however, I am sorry to leave.Return upholstered furniture fresh and neat appearance, you can use banners.For information on how to upgrade your favorite sofa and armchair, telling users FORUMHOUSE.
If furniture is simple in form and structure, which can be disassembled and assembled without special tools and equipment, and all the mechanisms are strong enough and does not need to be replaced, make a constriction can be yourself.However, it is better to start with the same fabric upholstery - leather and its synthetic substitutes considered complex materials, and a constriction necessary experience and skill.
process Upholstered furniture can be divided into several stages:
1. Dismantling of furniture, removal of parts and mechanisms
2. Removing the old upholstery
3. Cutting and sewing a new dress
4. Replace filler
5. Shifting furniture parts
6. Assembling
Member FORUMHOUSE imasterok pereobivku decided on a relatively new leather sofa - furniture was not yet two years old, but she suffered greatly from the clutches of a pet - cat Basil.To work needed forumchanin furniture stapler (can usually can be air), staples, adhesive foam, screwdriver, pliers, ruler, pencil and scissors (for patterns), a sewing machine.
imasterok :
- The first thing we do: Turn off all the elements of the sofa.I start to understand the couch from the bottom, remove the technical upholstery and remove all staples that secure the furniture fabric to the frame of the sofa.Some staples have to be removed with pliers.Foam gasket and I advise you not to tear off, so you do not stick it back.
Disassemble the upholstered furniture is better, having at hand the camera and incrementally removing the whole order of work - in the future this will greatly simplify the task of the assembly.Old upholstery should be removed carefully - it will come in handy when cutting new tissue (to make it easier to pull, the pattern is better to do a few centimeters a little more than a template).
to make a new pattern, imasterok advises unpick old fabrics into separate components.It is also necessary otporot sintepon and alter or paste to the new tissue.Staple the fabric is better than the ordinary and special heavy-duty thread in upholstery.
Once the new pattern is ready, proceed to the slinky.Pull the fabric should be the maximum and in all places equally to eventually figure is not twisted, and the fabric is not met.Secure the material with the help of the furniture stapler (in extreme cases, can be dispensed with nails).Staples beat 2-3 cm, angles hammer last.
Most often hauling sofas and chairs are rarely limited to changing the upholstery - foam filler eventually sags, springs fall out or are about to start, and sometimes it is found after the opening of upholstered furniture.Member FORUMHOUSE Putnikk62 believes that to maintain the old spring in the sofa or chair is not necessary, they can be safely discarded.
Putnikk62 :
- The springs can be replaced with latex + sintepon or felt - it is more durable than sintepon.It can be used as a filler foam furniture and buy a special belt - stretching things somewhat with good you will not feel the lack of spring.On the tape, it is desirable to put the material like teak, to foam less ruffled.
Sintepon, put on top of the foam, to protect the latter from abrasion and makes it easier to stretch the fabric.Stack sintepon better in 2-4 layers, depending on the thickness of the material - the bigger it is, the more bulkier furniture will look.
Members Active moning at waist spring clean the sofa did not, and as an additional layer of filler used the old blanket.The participants also recommend the use of FORUMHOUSE horsehair and sea grass.
If you decide to make the foam filler, pay attention to the quality of the material and its structure: high-quality padded small bubbles, when pressed, he immediately straightened in cheaper - big bubbles, foam slowly regains form.For the restoration of furniture forum users are advised to choose a foam density of 22-25.
separate theme - the choice of fabrics for upholstery.The color scheme - of course, a matter of taste.But when choosing upholstery should be guided not only aesthetic considerations, but pay attention to the practicality of the fabric.
Fabric shedding and should not have a sharp odor.If the fabric with a nap, make sure that the villi held firmly at the base and did not drop out, or torment clean clothes and furniture quickly "bald."Note that when cutting pile fabrics the pile should always be directed to one side.When using patterns such fabrics can not be rotated, so the waste is usually still greater than when cutting lint-free cloth.The same applies to the fabric pattern: a large ornamental difficult to adjust to the pattern that leads to higher consumption.
Today, the market can find a furniture fabrics with special water and soil release, which are much easier to care for furniture, especially if a family has small children and animals.
Give your favorite chair or couch a second life!After hauling of upholstered furniture not only to update the interior, but also greatly save the family budget. Tips FORUMHOUSE participants on how to replace the upholstery, please refer to this topic.More interesting information about the restoration and alteration of furniture in the home you will find here.