Good sitting: garden benches

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09 April 2016

Every owner of cottage or country house certainly reflects on the device corner to relax in the fresh air.To build solid arbor is not always enough space, time and materials, but in fact and quite unpretentious bench somewhere in a comfortable place, in the shade of trees or, on the contrary, in the sun, decorate any area and give the owners a lot of minutes of a comfortable rest.

Garden bench - a great option for decorating the area.Its easy to make your own hands and without any cost, from scrap materials.Members FORUMHOUSE accumulated a lot of ideas of manufacturing garden furniture and successfully implement them.Let us use their experience.

benches often used to trim the boards and beams remaining after construction and repair, or "natural materials" - stumps, trunks of felled trees.Regardless of the choice of material, it is necessary to prepare for further operation to ensure that your outdoor furniture to serve you for a long time, says forumchanin Vos Andrey .

If the racks are used for the benches trunks of trees freshly - do not be lazy and carefully peel them from the bark, or bugs, carpenter quickly transform your bench into dust.That part of the rack, which will dig in the ground, tightly wrap the roofing material, but better - promazhte bitumen primer or hot "working off" - used motor oil.

instead of nails to make better use of wooden benches round pins.They are made of a harder wood than the bench and hammered into the pre-drilled holes.

Vos Andrey :

- can do so: the top board pine bench is taken, the rack - from sawn old apple tree, and pins - from dried pears and acacia branches.Drill for drilling holes for dowel must have a diameter of 1-1.5 mm smaller than the diameter of the Nagel.

Instead boards, benches for the device at the cottage you can use the plates, hewn from trees felled.They do the following: Snip the stem with one hand ax zatesyvaetsya until a flat surface.If small-diameter logs - can knock down together and then wormed his way "under the board" two logs.Bench get massive and strong.

Tree - the most popular material for the benches.With it you can effortlessly realize the most daring design decisions for any garden landscape.When properly treated wood bench and will serve for many years.Use the same for their construction may be almost any material - planks, logs, lumber.

User Forum ngq 729 made on the site bench of oak round logs and planks.The main costs - time for sawing and sharpening the saw chain.


- sawed logs along and joined together in "dovetail".The seat: sawed logs lengthwise, turned thick board and back - oak boards.

as treated wood for garden benches that she looked beautiful and was resistant to moisture, knows forumchanin Alllekkksandr :

- Reiki always singe a blowtorch.Then I treat sandpaper and stain or "pinotex."Sometimes I paint.Next - forge patina and several layers of varnish Yachting.Metal - is the same, only without singeing.Burned rail is less exposed to rot.In addition, baked and processed wire brush wooden rake is quite attractive, antique.

Members Active Orfo 74 did bench for the bath as a gift for my mother's birthday.He said use the materials of the forum and did not expect to get so fast: on the job took only three and a half hours.

Orfo 74:

- The length - 80 cm, height - 39 cm. Made of cedar (140h40 shelves), took four meters, the cost of 800 rubles (with screws 4 * 70).Tools used: jig saw, circular saw, miter saw, screwdriver, router, sander.The semicircle at the feet cut out like this: find some round piece of iron in the garage and a pencil around each pair of legs, then - jigsaw and router.

stone and metal is also very popular with "skameykostroiteley."Their main advantage - durability.Of course, they are used mainly for racks and a seat using a tree.User FORUMHOUSE Wolfcraft for his benches used what was at hand - and very pleased with the result.


- Length - 180, Width - 45, height - 45.Materialy: mesh netting height 75cm, width of 100: two pieces are woven into the cylinders.Stone fill - about six buckets.Flooring - Larch 150h50h1800, three.150h100 trim bar, length 300 - two pieces.Trim the fence 40 cm - two pieces.Screws, water-based paint.

Members Active Cupoma a low bench built from scraps of pine inch boards.He says, very handy when you need to do something low or on the floor so as not to squat.Or vice versa, when the growth is not enough, and a stool - a lot.Did template struck circuit on the board, sawed jigsaw.His work, he described in detail in this topic.

fine garden bench can come from any "junk" designed to emit.The main thing - to show imagination.No new posts Mozina , for example, the backs of the benches made of old wooden beds and old chairs.

well as for the manufacture of garden bench can be cost-effectively use the materials at hand.But it is also important to remember that the bench should be integrated into the ensemble and landscape your garden, match his style.Select the appropriate option, take a few hours to work - and enjoy the relaxation and beauty.Brilliant - just.Sometimes it's just a bench.

ideas, technologies and drawings of garden benches looking at this topic.There - a detailed description of the construction of one embodiment of the benches for the garden, with drawings and photos.For information on how to decorate the landscape of your site using benches, this video tells .