Boilers, answers to frequently asked questions

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17 May 2016


If the heated area of ​​your house less than 200 m2, the choice of wall gas boiler will be the most appropriate solution, because the owners of such premises in the purchase of massive floor system there is a vital need.This is advantageous because wall boilers 1.5-2 times cheaper than their outdoor counterparts.

Can be installed on the wall of the boiler is much easier life, and those who have space for the boiler is not provided.It can be installed in the kitchen, where, thanks to its compact, sleek design and color (mostly - white), it will be no different from the usual wall of the cabinet.

main problem of the gas boiler - a drop in gas pressure (especially in winter).However, many imported burner stop working at full capacity because they are designed to pressure European standards.

Fuel oil boilers (sometimes referred to as diesel).

With their help you can provide almost complete autonomy heating:

  • first, you will not depend on gas supply;
  • secondly, if, in addition, set a separate power supply (for normal operation of automation of the boiler, burner, pumps), you will not be afraid of power outages.

The only thing that you will need from the "outside world" - is a timely delivery of diesel fuel.

Such a boiler is one problem - a lot of eating (7-10 tons for the cold season).

Electric boilers .

They are fairly simple devices.Their main elements are a heat exchanger (consisting of a tank with reinforced in him by electric heating elements) and the control unit.

important to note that small power electric boilers are in two different versions - Single-phase (220 V) and three-phase (380 V), and boilers rated at more than 12 kW are produced only three-phase.

vast majority of electric boilers of more than 6 kW multi-stage is available, which allows efficient use of electricity and not to include the boiler at full capacity during transitional periods - spring and fall.

By the way, this will not prevent the boiler to install a useful and low-cost device - a remote programmer, which maintains the temperature indoors to a predetermined schedule.

Besides energy savings programmers noticeably increase comfort.

Boilers for solid fuels "eat": firewood (wood), or brown coal, coke.

now offered as "omnivorous" models that can run on all of the above types of fuel, as well as working on some of them, but having with greater efficiency.

considerable part of modern solid fuel boilers can automatically maintain a preset water temperature at the outlet.

There is a sensor that monitors the temperature of the water (coolant), which is mechanically connected to the valve.

If the coolant temperature is higher than you specified, the damper automatically is covered, and the combustion process is slowed down.

When the temperature drops, the flap again reopened.It should be noted that the device does not require connection to the mains.

And there solid fuel boilers burning wood pyrolysis .Their main advantage - higher efficiency and ease of adjustment capacity.They do not burn wood and wood gas generated from them under heat.During such a soot combustion is not formed and there is a minimum amount of ash.

few less common "universal" boilers for combustion of solid fuels: no wood - drown diesel fuel, turn off the gas at the junction wood, coal or diesel.But the value of universal boilers is so high that not every consumer will be able to install them at home.Moreover, if there is the possibility of using one constant fuel "universality" of the system becomes useless.


Automation is responsible for the safe use of the boiler and takes over the daily management of the system.It should provide basic control functions: the flame, the minimum and maximum gas pressure, the presence of diesel fuel, gas leaks, the presence of draft in the chimney, the minimum and maximum temperature of the coolant and its circulation.Choosing the boiler, ask which of these functions are performed devices included in the package.

regulation parameters of water (or other coolant, which is used for heating) can be done in different ways: in the "light" version - at the room temperature and room thermostat commands (which costs about $ 50 Figure 11).When the temperature reaches a predetermined level, the burner is turned off and turned back on when the room is cooled.But such a process is uneconomical and malokomforten because water boiler always gives the highest possible temperature, while in the room without a thermostat may be cool.

installation system at the radiators, the temperature sensor in the supply pipe and thermostat built into the boiler will reduce fuel consumption and improve the climate comfort in the house.

If you set the automatic heating controller (from $ 500 to $ 1,500), the temperature control in accordance with the weather conditions (and a host of useful functions) will be provided.

how to determine which BOILER POWER NEEDED?

boiler output, which you need, usually consists of two components.

first part - it is the power spent on space heating, it is approximately equal to the sum of the power of heaters in all areas of the house.In our example, this would be 15 kW.

second part - is the power consumed for heating, hot water, if the water is heated by a boiler.The magnitude of the capacity depends on many conditions, but in most cases it is 20-50% of the power used for heating.The hot water boiler heats not constant, but as required.Thus automatic heating system often mounted so that the need for hot water boiler for a short time ceases to operate for heating, and all of its power heats the water in the water heater.


in a thermally insulated enclosure of the boiler are heat exchanger, burner and controls the operation of the boiler automatics.One of the principal parts of each boiler - the heat exchanger, i.e.metal tank in which heated coolant.The hot gases (combustion products) rise up in the boiler furnace, flow around the heat exchanger, through its walls give off heat to the coolant inside the heat exchanger and cooled, fly up the chimney.

Different boilers heat exchanger can be made of different metals have different amounts.

cast iron heat exchangers are not subject to rust, but are sensitive to sudden changes in temperature (thermal shock).Boilers with such heat exchangers are very heavy.

steel heat exchangers to corrosion unstable (may rust).Their internal surfaces must be protected by various anti-corrosion coatings.For steel coils there is the problem of low-temperature corrosion, which consists in the fact that when entering the return pipe of the boiler heating the heat medium having a temperature lower than estimated on the outer surfaces of the heat exchanger falls condensation of combustion products (acids) and gradually corrodes the wall of the heat exchanger.

Copper heat exchangers are light and resistant to corrosion.There design copper heat exchangers, which are easily removed from the boiler and cleaned if necessary.

boiler with a heat exchanger and a small amount of weight safer heating system with boiler will respond to the automation.The small capacity heat exchanger when the coolant is heated moving at a higher speed, which prevents the formation of scale on heat exchanger walls.

how to arrange BOILER indirect heating?

Boiler - insulated tank.Inside the spiral passes through the tube, which moves hot coolant from the heating system.The bottom of the pipe to the boiler goes cold water, heat from the coolant is transferred to the heating system cold household water through the walls of the spiral tube (heat exchanger of the boiler).

to the top of the boiler is connected another pipe - for the hot water outlet.To connect the boiler thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water in it.

WHAT Turbofan boiler?

imagine that the boiler is put on the boiler and connect them together - get the double-boiler.

other words, in the second two-circuit boilers have built-in heat exchanger, flow or storage, which heats water for domestic use, extracted using the boiler if you do not get it some other way (gas water heater, electric heater, etc.).

The two-circuit boiler water heater is part of the boiler.Its capacity is usually 130-150 liters.

If you need a water heater more volume, better to buy a single-loop boiler and boiler separately.

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