Modular Lighting

By Admin | Electrical Light
10 May 2016
A few years ago an ordinary Russian consumer has been limited in the selection of modern lighting systems for office, industrial and retail space.But life does not stand still, and more recently in our market represented a huge variety of products.Questions about future updates to the head of the group responsible technical information Vladimir Avdeev.

- Vladimir, our customers often ask about modern methods of lighting and administrative offices.Interested in new models of lighting fixtures, which in addition to the basic problem - quality of lighting - organically fit into the modern design.What's new in this direction?What would you recommend to our clients?

- Of course, the modular lighting system.This is one of the most modern trends in the creation of the office, commercial, and sometimes domestic, light.Besides the basic functions - lighting, these lamps will fit into any interior, and can often be one of its key elements.

- As far as we can understand, we are talking about several fundamentall
y different types of lamps, united under one common name.Could you give a classification?

- Modular lighting system can be divided into three large groups.I can tell you about each one, but I suggest to start with the most interesting for buyers group
- modular lighting system for fluorescent lamps

These systems are used to create a uniform lighting in modern office, retail, public and industrial premises.Fluorescent lamps are used in the composition of these systems are formed (depending on model) in the form of oval, round or rectangular in cross-section and the elements are mounted successively one after another.Of course, the full picture can not convey the diversity of possible solutions to be implemented on the basis of the data of fixtures, but overall it gives a general idea of ​​the system assembly.A large number of optional accessories - the angles, bends, caps and so on. D. - Lighting system allows you to create almost any configuration of the premises of any form of a narrow corridor to the spacious hall.

It should be noted that the lighting system on the database collected lamps, very economical and mobility by eliminating additional costs for electrical wiring to each lamp (enough "power up" one - the first one), and ease of installation (with optional accessories change locations fixturesceiling ceases to be a burdensome task).

Our company offers several different models of modular lighting systems of different price levels and stylistic directions.All products are made by leading domestic and European manufacturers and meets the latest trends in office and industrial design.These systems manufacturing firms "Plexiform" (Poland) and "Lighting Technology" (Russia) are presented in commodity groups C45 and C46 on the price list of the enterprise.

- A case of directional illumination of goods in the store with frequent change of exposure, when the location of the goods you want to highlight, changing?Either of the exhibition hall, where in addition to the frequent change of the exposure light is needed at different angles?

- No problem, for this purpose are ideal lighting systems for rail.First of all, they are designed to create a directional accent lighting in trade and exhibition halls.The system is organized on the basis of the busbar, the main element of the suspended structure, made in the form of a rigid profile (current-carrying elements are placed inside it), supplied in lengths of 1 to 3 meters.Thanks to the guides, lamps and spotlights can be installed anywhere along the entire length of trunking, which completely solves the problem of the mobility of fixtures in a frequent change of exposure.

Since the main objective of the system is the creation of accent lighting, in its composition work lights and spotlights for halogen and metal halide lamps, which give a strong directional light output.All elements of the system are very high quality, in the trends of contemporary design, but at the same time does not catch the eye, allowing you to emphasize the focus on the site is highlighted.Products manufactured by "Light technologies" (Russia), "Lival" and "Nordic" (Finland), presented in the commodity group C44 on the price list of the enterprise.

- Excellent.Still, all of these systems are useful enough in a city apartment or a cottage, and in the beginning you talked about the domestic lighting?

- Yes, of course, and modular lighting system for fluorescent lamps and lighting systems for Buslines infrequently applied at home.While the best lighting for example, a gym (at the cottage) or elements of the interior - paintings, sculptures, etc.- To think hard.

most useful bytumodulnye system on self-bearing insulated wires.The photograph shows an example of such a system, how it works is quite simple: in a horizontal (alternatively vertical) plane of two thin rope stretched in a transparent insulation (insulated conductor is a current-carrying).

variety of lamps, designed by the best European designers, are fixed between the cables anywhere along the entire length of the structure.Fasteners lamps pierce the insulation and lighting works.The entire design is so elegant and carefully executed, and lighting are so diverse that the system could become one of the key elements of the interior.These systems manufacturing firms "Errebiluce" (Italy) and "Massive" (Belgium) are presented in the commodity group of C43 pricelist enterprise