Electricity: herd easier

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10 May 2016

energy supply in the country conditions - a necessary thing, but power outages may occur due to extreme weather events, the pillars dilapidated, broken wires, and so on. N. Therefore, a fair number of homeowners have long held in his country manor autonomous petrol and dieselgenerators.Meanwhile, to solve this problem is not only individually, but collectively.

On the one hand, provide energy house - a private affair of each host.On the other - we can see how every kilometer highway built cottage country conglomerates that willy-nilly motivate the owners of individual houses to collectivism.Together, we have to solve a lot of problems: the content of the total area, and the functioning of the parking lot, and the operating mode of protection.The question of "energy security", to put it in actual terms, in this case, too, did not last.Practice shows that in the cottage, where all brand new power lines and substations latest, disaster electricity supply - a rarity.Most often, a failure occurs on the oute

r lines, sometimes many kilometers away from the village.So, lighting, TV and other pleasures associated with the presence of electricity, deprived of everything at once.

It would seem that conclusion suggests itself: to deal with disruptions in the supply of electricity should be together.However, our people still prefer at your own risk put at his cottage (or in the economic annex) generator that will somehow overcome the arising of force majeure.You can understand them: the case is not too complicated and expensive, and the market offers a very wide range of models of mini-power plants, allowing to fully solve the problem of ensuring country-house electricity in emergency situations.Very popular stand-alone power generators in the power range from 0.5 to 10 kW, and for the price they are readily available, and helpers in an emergency will be good, covering the most essential energy needs.More powerful units are usually not designed for individual use, although it may well serve as a temporary source of power in a cottage village.

What speaks in favor of these powerful sources of energy?Well, firstly, an economic reason, as part of the cost of such a collective unit, attributable to a homeowner would be much less than the cost of the individual generator.Secondly, such an acquisition eliminates the problem of storing the fuel, as well as eliminates the need for any automation system, which is associated with additional costs.Third, improving the ecological situation in the house and yard, while working close to home an internal combustion engine (and it works sometimes for several hours or even days) fresh air is clearly not increased.Finally, it is simply a natural gesture of good neighborliness: agree frustrating when you have an accident after the lights are on, and the neighbor's house is steeped in darkness.

Mighty assistants

the first stage collective backup power device, of course, to solve a number of organizational issues.And only then proceed to the technical.Such power must necessarily be placed in a separate room, preferably away from residences.The room must be provided for the fuel tank, not a little, because the emergency generator will have to work, maybe a few days.Well, the generator must have capacity, which will provide at least the primary needs of all the inhabitants of the cottage village.

For this purpose gasoline generators use unprofitable, let them and not on the market.But there are a number of models of diesel generators with liquid cooling.From a technical point of view this is the most advanced class of diesel generators - reliable and easy-to-use equipment.There are two groups of plants with liquid cooling: with the engine running at high speed (3000 rpm. / Min), and a motor with a low speed (1500 rev. / Min).The second group of diesel generators differs less fuel consumption, less noise and is able to work around the clock, that is, their engines have the highest lifespan.

In general, when choosing a power plant should be guided by the same criteria as for the purchase of individual emergency generator.Each generator indicated its maximum power, but operation of the plant in this power is undesirable, because the result is reduced engine life, and he quickly goes down.

required output power is calculated as the total capacity of all consumers, plus 10%.Another selection criterion - the noise level, the maximum permissible value for the machinery, according to the standards of the Russian Federation, is 80 dB.Execution of the unit can be both open and bonnet, that is, noise immunity, in which the noise level is significantly reduced.

abstract conversation about the power lead is meaningless because there is set number of houses in the village.There are five villages club houses, there are conglomerates, where the number of passes for a hundred buildings.The conclusion is that the emergency power plant in each case calculated separately.For one, the village may well come a source of power 30-40 kW, for another - and stokilovattnogo unit is not enough.

If we talk about specific varieties of such equipment, then a small village we can recommend, for example, a diesel generator Gesan DP 45. Its power 49 kW, which allows almost completely cover the energy needs of ten or twelve houses.Fuel consumption had moderate pace - reduced that, as mentioned above, has a number of advantages.

However, residential village, which goes through dozens of homes, such a generator would be enough.It is appropriate to a different model in this series - Gesan DV 220 Auto.Its power of 220 kW, that is, the unit is able to provide electricity for many homeowners.It has the same power and diesel-generator SDMO JS 200 K SILENT.Of course, the fuel consumption of such equipment is large enough, but then to share this expense will be a large number of hosts.

Windmills guard

long as wind turbines, to be honest, not very much in demand in our country life;see them in the cottage settlements - is virtually impossible.And in vain, because the advantages of this equipment in bulk, and all apparent.How does the gasoline or diesel generator?Noise, smoke, fuel requires constant, but still can break easily.And what if it is broken or if a sudden end diesel oil?It is clear that: sit without electricity, television and alarm, burning candles and flashlights take.Meanwhile, the wind blows almost always, and if they could give a windmill, connecting the generator, then you will run almost infinite energy of the atmosphere.

wind, as you know, a long and productive work for the benefit of mankind.In Russia, the beginning of the twentieth century worked two and a half a million wind turbines.After the 1917 revolution, when entered into use electric generators, the first wind power plant.Energy strategy in those years was built so that the thermal and hydro won, but by the end of the century, when it became very relevant environmental problems, wind turbines have received a second birth.

wind energy market is now - one of the most dynamically developing.In 2001, for example, in the world was established in the 6500 MW wind turbines and a total capacity of electric energy produced amounted to 24,000 MW.

Although Russia in this respect is not "ahead of the rest," the first shoots of new trends and punched us.

Some domestic enterprises have already mastered the production of wind power plants of small capacity.They are cheap, easy to operate, installation, repair, easy to carry, and completely environmentally safe.Such systems are able to provide not only the minimum power demand, but also to power the appliances or the water pump.One of these systems - SHS-500M - is capable of producing at an average wind speed of 4 m / s 30 kW • h of electricity per month.A lot or a little?Let's just say: this is enough to provide the energy needs of the individual homeowner.If we talk about a country residential conglomerate, such as the small cottage, the one setting SHS-500M, of course, is not enough.The advantage of this wind turbine is the ability to increase capacity by adding a multiple of units.Several wind generators connected to a single electrical system can provide significantly more electricity.In principle, such a system - one alternative backup power supply such as a diesel generator powerful.

What should you ask if the wind suddenly verse?The answer: if the street is completely calm, still nothing to worry, as these wind generators are supplied with a set of powerful batteries that are constantly recharged.As a result, no air movement is wasted if the energy is not consumed immediately, it is stored in batteries and can be used if necessary.

Why did not yet so widespread wind generators?The reasons here are different, one of them - the stereotypical view: that the wind - it is frivolous and unreliable.There are also economic constraints: such equipment (both domestic and imported) is not very cheap.For example, the domestic machine, designed to produce a total of 0.25 kW at about 400 stands.e. Therefore, the Russian consumer, quickly Keeping in mind the costs and the amount of energy produced, selects the internal combustion engine.The perspective here in the development of mass production of wind generators, which reduce the cost and make them more competitive.

Generators photons

The use of this type of autonomous sources of electric power is possible only theorize.Of course, if St. Petersburg was in a sunny region, the conversation could well go into action.But as the days of sunshine a year, we did not particularly large, confine a brief description of the solar panels.

solar panels as well as windmills do not need fuel, they do not emit harmful substances, do not wear out and require minimal maintenance.In the West, a number of companies have set up production of such batteries in recent years, promoting their products to the Russian market.

If we talk about using them in terms of country, the system already offers a stand-alone hot water and heating using solar energy.Vacuum solar collectors are designed specifically for regions with cold climates and are used in northern European countries.Solar panels, which are installed on the roofs of houses can not work only during the day, but during low solstice or in cloudy weather.

Although by and large, such devices have not pulled a serious alternative to stationary sources of energy.Today, solar cells have a low efficiency, are sensitive to mechanical stress, and their performance depends significantly on the local climatic conditions.And the way they are is not readily available to the consumer.All hope for the development of energy technologies, which in the future may allow the capture coveted photons even in cloudy weather and use them for the benefit of man.