A new generation of pumps

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16 May 2016

blooming garden requires timely and targeted irrigation

new garden and pressure submersible pumps Kärcher extremely facilitate you the job.After all, they develop pressure allows you to easily connect to the pump multiple sprinklers, and high performance is maintained even at a considerable distance from the pump.

This allows optimum use of irrigation water from wells, streams, ponds or barrels to collect rainwater.

also very simple installation and control of pumps, and the most popular model GP 70 provides
even full automation of irrigation, becauseit is equipped with a convenient electronic remote control, providing programming function for automatic irrigation of large areas.

Garden pumps GP 70 Kärcher combines high pressure with powerful serving and can lift water to a height of 70 m. In addition, it is very easy to operate and features a very low noise level.A convenient foot switch allows you to control the pump without tiring of the slopes.

GP 70 Mobile Control GP 70 Mobile Control

  • Max.Power 1.600 W;
  • Max.productivity 5000 l / h;
  • Max.7 bar;
  • convenient venting;
  • input filter;
  • Convenient foot switch;
  • Remote control with programming function.

using irrigation water from your own well or spring, you can save expensive tap water.Slim and powerful pressure submersible pump Kärcher SPP 60 Inox
able to get clean water, even from the narrowest wells and serve it with great depth under high pressure

SPP 60 Inox SPP 60 Inox

  • Max.Power 1.200 W;
  • Max.performance of 6.000 l / h;
  • Max.pressure of 6.0 bar;
  • with mounting cable length of 20 m;
  • pump diameter 98 mm.

to clean the pool or pond from accumulated over the winter mud, elimination of consequences of leaks in house laundry or cellar flooding due to bad weather require immediate assistance.Here is the best useful drainage pumps Kärcher.

New submersible pumps Kärcher guarantee comfort in all respects.Infinitely variable level sensor reacts immediately to water contact and includes a powerful pump that can pump out up to 16,000 liters of water per hour.New pumps can pump water almost dry - down to 1 mm from the bottom, allowing you to remove the remaining water with a cloth.

SCP 16000 Level Sensor SCP 16000 Level Sensor

  • Max.power 900 W;
  • Max.capacity 16,000 l / h;
  • Removable inlet filter made of stainless steel;
  • plug with a switch to switch to automatic mode;
  • Max.pressure of 0.9 bar;
  • Max.solids size is 5 mm;
  • infinitely variable level sensor.

We all know that for watering plants in the garden and the garden is best to use rain water in barrels.

Rainwater is soft, has a slightly acid reaction, and is enriched with oxygen.
Karcher Company offers new solutions for irrigation with rainwater - drum pumps.
Drum pumps are equipped with a convenient holder and a switch allowing the use of rainwater for irrigation, not lifting a heavy watering.

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To get more detailed information on the characteristics of new pumps Kärcher you can on the pages of an online store GARDEN-CLUB.RU.

Experts hotline to answer any questions, advise the correct equipment, tell you how to connect it.There you can order the pumps delivered to your home go to the country.more ...

These pumps are easy to attach to any barrel or tank, a flexible and durable garden hose required length allows for high-quality irrigation even in the most remote point of the plot.Karcher SBP 3800

also drum pumps are equipped with float switch on the mounting bracket: free height adjustment of the float switch allows you to select the desired mode of diversion of water from the barrels.

Thermal fuse protects the motor from overheating, the pump works and "dry".Input filter protects the pump from clogging with dirt or debris deposited on the bottom of the barrel.The engine works completely silent and does not create a nuisance for your vacation.

Karcher SBP 3800

  • Max.engine power (W) 400;
  • Max.capacity (l / h) 3800;
  • Max.delivery head / pressure (m / bar) 11 / 1.1;
  • Max.diving depth (m) 8;
  • Max.solids size (mm).

Karcher Company always strives to find new and effective solutions to problems and actively uses its innovative talent in the manufacture of all its products.Watering the garden - one of the possibilities to apply innovative talent in solving problems of rise in price of water and its shortage.