Seasonal shutdown of hot water

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16 May 2016

It is now so familiar that we notice it only when for some reason or other it turned off.This usually occurs in the summer, because the utility has not learned how to perform preventive maintenance on the networks without disconnecting consumers.Meanwhile, the hot water is a must, if the family has small children, modern concepts of hygiene also inconceivable without the use of hot water.

water heater interesting observations made by sociologists.It turns out that the lack of hot water annually causing massive population depression associated with the inevitable lowering of living standards due to the fact that they are denied access to basic services - hot water.Under these conditions, the water heater should have long become a routine tool, such as an electric kettle or a vacuum cleaner.

on the market today there is plenty of water heaters of different designs and performance.However, the choice of a suitable device is always not obvious: it is necessary to take into account many factors in order to choose the

right water heater.

Many captivating simplicity and comfort of the familiar instantaneous water heater.Including - and enjoy in spite of public utilities.It turns out, it is not so simple.The fact that the flow heaters designed specifically for countries with warm climates, where winter temperatures rarely drop below 15º C. The heater raised it to 25º and receives the output is quite acceptable 40º.

Now let's see what the situation is at us.In Russia, the cold water is heated to 15º in the summer, and in May-early June, when usually cut off the hot water, it has a temperature of about 5-7 degrees.Protochnik raise it up to 30º and ... please, you can start hardening.Even more difficult to have those in whose homes the water supply is from artesian wells.Water rises from a great depth, has a constant temperature in winter and summer and does not exceed 7º, so the summer so the water heater will not be able to take advantage of.

believed that for comfort in the shower needs water pressure of about 12-15 liters per minute.Instantaneous heating power of 5 kW to provide only 2 liters of water per minute at a temperature of 40 °, and - is the ultimate power that can withstand the weight of the main wiring apartment buildings.This is reminiscent of the familiar to many washing barrel of water in the country: an insignificant head barely warm water.

You can certainly buy a more powerful flow heater.According to calculations, in order to wash with the usual comfort, you need power 12-15Kvt, and then start completely different problems.Firstly, the need to obtain permission from the ZhEKe on the selection of such power.Secondly, it is necessary to reach the bathroom harness large cross-section, as protochniki such power rated at 380 volts.It will cost no less than one and a half thousand additional plus repairs that are likely to be required to do the work after the brave guys - electricians.Add to that about 1000 rubles.monthly, which have spread over the operation of such a device for a family of 3, provided that every day will wash no more than 20 minutes, and the fare is 2 RUB / kW.Here the rich cry.

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And now let's think about whether we need it the notorious "right now", - the hot water appeared at the same moment, even though it is already a week as the disabled. How do we - ordinaryPeople experiencing this trouble? That's right, heats the water, gently deliver her into the bathroom and wash ourselves economically. It is so? The concept of "boiler" is not new, so the storage type water heaters are known for a long time. The minimum a heater with a tank capacity of 15 liters of water will heathalf an hour. However, the need to wash sparingly - turn off the water while soaping on.

Featured usual washing in the shower is enough 30-liter storage.The water is heated in one hour.Family of three people is enough water heater capacity of 50 or 80 liters.What do we get?First, a moderate consumption of electricity, as the power of these devices is less than 2 kW, plus the ability to save by using a night, cheaper tariff.The capacity of the apartment wiring will be enough even in older homes.Second, long-term guarantee that reaches up to 8 years and more, for example, intelligent heater control, which automatically prepare hot water to your awakening.What is not "right now"?