Water from the well house

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16 May 2016

Some suburban settlements located in areas where the highway has not been established centralized water supply system.Therefore, homeowners, based on local conditions and personal individual capacities necessary to solve the problem yourself.

for domestic water supply the most suitable water in between layers of impermeable rock, characterized by high quality and constant replenishment.

requirements Water house grow - often well water tastes unpleasant, since it is most of the elements of the periodic table.To find high quality water, drilled deeper, where artesian water under watertight Jurassic clays, wherever not yet had time to enter the cruel modern civilization, with its disastrous consequences for human health.

most simple hole drilled to the so-called sand aquifer.In the Moscow region of its usual depth is 15 to 30 meters.Water consumption of such wells reaches a half cubic meters per hour.It will cover the water consumption of a home, unless, of course, you and your family members will not

"squander" the water while filling the pool, watering the garden, erasing and taking a shower.If the depth of the well is not more than 30 meters, it can be drilled for 4-5 days.

Naturally, water is cleaner than sand well The well, but in a sandy aquifer may contain a variety of contaminants that can make water undrinkable.Therefore, the best option: drilling "in the limestone".In the Moscow region limestone aquifer lies unevenly - somewhere in the 45 meters, somewhere in the 80, and somewhere in all 150.

Most drilling companies give to the well 2-year warranty.More is not required if the well is something wrong, it turns out during the first few months.After drilling the hole in the pipe are installed to protect walls from shedding, and a powerful pump, because the water will be supplied to a great height.Remember that the water from the limestone aquifer - a strategic reserve of the state, so the well is subject to licensing.

To ensure the water supply to the consumer, the most common and convenient solution - an automated system of submersible pumps and hydropneumatic tank.
well drilling - not so difficult, but also very effective technology, which can be used to provide the required amount of water the house of any size.

Important!When choosing a company, ask if she produces after drilling so-called "passport" wells, which should be given all the necessary technical data, and the company guarantees that any company bears the responsibility for the work conducted.